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IPOANS is an organization dedicated to representing the interests of private residential property owners/managers and developers in the province, while providing its members with services that offer substantial benefit.

Established in 1978, IPOANS focus on legislative lobbying and advocacy work continues. IPOANS is recognized as a responsible and credible representative in matters affecting residential rental property in the province and is known as the “Positive Voice of Landlords” in Nova Scotia.  The Association is continuously developing committees to address issues of municipal and provincial concerns such as Residential Tenancies Act, Halifax Water, Solid Waste Management, Supplier Programs and Landlord Licensing.

As the “Positive Voice of Landlords”, IPOANS has established open communications with various government departments on all levels.  When changes are being considered to Acts or legislation, IPOANS is invited to offer input prior to changes being proposed.

A strategic foundation, comprised of IPOANS mission and values, defines the guiding purpose and the ethical principles of the Association and its Board of Directors.

IPOANS Mission: Provide IPOANS members  with a collective voice that affects positive change within our industry and the communities that we serve.  To be an Association that is understanding and supportive of its members’ needs; where ideas, information, talents and expertise are shared and valued to help foster an equitable environment and collaborative network for investment property professionals throughout Nova Scotia.