Property Owners & Managers

Below is our list of Property Owners & Managers in alphabetical order.
Click the corresponding group of letters to view each group’s information.

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tr valign=”top”>CheckPoint Properties Limited

Micala Properties Limited
Arab Brothers
Beach Realty Ltd.
Renfrew Properties
C & C Alliance
C.B. MacDonald Properties Ltd.
City Centre Property Management
Cousins Realty Limited
David & Georgia Piper
 DDI-Canada Investment Management Ltd.
Devil’s Funnel Corporation
Dobbelsteyn Property Management
Duncan MacAdams
Elk Property Management Limited
Enqore Development Ltd

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Fourfax Holdings Limited
Gary Seaman
Cosmos Properties & Developments Limited
Gerry Pothier
Halifax Quality Homes
Halmont Investments
HRM Property Management
Hanias and Son Ltd.
Harriet Burdett-Moulton
Investment Property Owners of CB
Jet Action Real Estate Brokers Ltd.

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Leigh MacDonald
M Wells Construction
Marazula Future II
Metcap Living Management Inc
Metro Premier Properties Inc
Nadine & Douglas Allen
Northwood Inc
Oakland Developments Limited

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Park Place Property
Pigeon Stoop Property Mgmt
RJC Real Estate Management Ltd
R&S Realty
Robert Gaudet
Robert Pasquet
Roman Karas
Rosemary & Roberto Segato
Roy Kinghorn
Rosno Management & Leasing
Stan Lewandowski

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Vertica Resident Services

V & G Realty Investments
Westmount Realty Holdings
Wildcraft Concrete
XCEL Developments