Did you know;

1. The quickest way to report a “graffiti” incident is to call 902.490.5016 and you will be assigned an incident number for your file.

2. Graffiti incidents can also be reported, online, on the Halifax Police website, which will generate and email you a report confirmation and incident number. It should be noted that weekend online reporting may not be responded to until the following week.

3. After the police have been notified, call 311 for a free cleaning kit. For your convenience, the kits are located at eight different places. There two types of kits, one for smooth surfaces e.g. glass, vinyl, paint and one for rough surfaces e.g. brick, concrete. Note the kits will not clean large surfaces, probably anything over 2 square feet is considered large for these kits.

4. Once you have reported the incident, an officer will be sent to investigate within 24 to 48 hours.

5. It’s very important to get rid of the tag ASAP – to discourage further taggers from defacing your property. Take pictures, before the graffiti is removed, to ensure you have them for the officer when he arrives to investigate.

6. Pictures should be kept on file with information identifying location, date and incident number, as they may be required later.

Brenda Roscoe – Graffiti Committee Chair
Constable Gerry Murney, Community Response Team, Graffiti Specialist