Fall home maintenance tips for indoors and out

Regular maintenance will not only save you money year-to-year, but will also help maintain the value of your home long-term


While you’re getting out your favourite fall sweaters, make sure you take the time to also perform seasonal maintenance around your property. Regular mainten­ance will not only save you money year-to-year, but will also help maintain the value of your home long-term.


Clean gutters and drains: In­spect and clean gutters, down­spouts and drainage areas around your home. These areas can hold water, freeze and crack or break during the cold winter months.

This could leave you with costly clean-ups in the spring. Don’t forget to drain and winterize your outdoor faucets too.

Seal it up: Seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors with weather-stripping and caulking.

Sealing gaps that allow cool air in will help lessen the drafts in your home, and reduce heating bills.

For added heat retention, cover windows with plastic film insula­tion — available at most hard­ware stores.

Get on top of roof problems:

Grab a ladder, and a friend to keep you steady. Check for dam­aged shingles, soft spots, and any other damage that may have occurred over the warmer months. It’s easier, and safer, to check your roof while the weath­er is still warm. This will let you know if you need a professional in to help with repairs before winter.

Time to tidy up : Clean up and bring in outdoor furniture and toys before the weather changes. Secure and cover your barbecue or firepits to protect it when it’s not in use. Don’t forget to clean your lawn mower and outdoor tools as well — you’ll save your­self time in the spring and your tools will last longer.


Turn it up: Check your furnace early, before the cold weather starts, to ensure it’s working after a summer of being turned off.

Check all heaters to see if they are producing heat. If necessary, have a professional come in to inspect your heating system.

Better to do it now, before the snow flies!

Sweep it up: Check your fire­places, wood stove and pipes for creosote build-up. This dangerous build-up could cause a fire if left unattended.

Change it up: Check and change all the air filters in your home — from the furnace, to your heat pump and air exchanger. This will keep your indoor air fresh all winter, and help anyone in the home that may have breathing problems, like allergies or asthma.

Safety first: Now’s the time to check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Test each unit and install new batteries, if necessary. Also, take the oppor­tunity to refill or replace fire ex­tinguishers in your home.

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