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Established in 1978, The Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS) is the collective voice representing residential investment property owners. When IPOANS speaks on industry issues industry stakeholders listen.

IPOANS primary focus is providing members with Advocacy, Education, Membership Services programs.


Members own and manage over 45,000 apartment rental units throughout Nova Scotia. And are vital economic and philanthropic contributors in the communities in which they live and operate their businesses.


Networking events include our annual AGM Awards Gala, Dinner and Tradeshow, Quarterley Lunch and Learn Informational sessions, Industry Workshops, and an Annual Golf Tournament.  



Representing the interests of Nova Scotia’s residential property owners through the deliverance of Advocacy, Education and Membership Services intiatives that provide members with tangible long-term benefits.

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Over 140 Members and Climbing!

Join with confidence knowing IPOANS is the collective positive voice representing residential landlords!


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