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Plans for affordable housing project in Halifax cut in half

Housing Trust of Nova Scotia has sold one Gottingen Street property, hopes to build on another

After a decade-long push to build two apartment buildings with affordable units in north-end Halifax, a non-profit group has cut its vision in half in order to keep it alive.

The Housing Trust of Nova Scotia was established in 2009 with the goal of developing and maintaining housing that mixes affordable- and market-rate units under the same roof; the idea being that market-rate units would subsidize the affordable ones.

The approach has proven difficult to realize.

The housing trust’s original plan was to build more than 200 units split between two sites — 2215 and 2183 Gottingen St. — with half to be rented below market rates. In 2011, the housing trust demolished existing buildings at those sites. By 2015, the municipality had approved designs for new buildings at each site… [Read More]