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New Brunswick tenants coalition calls for apartment owners to back off

The New Brunswick Coalition for Tenants Rights and ACORN NB are calling out the New Brunswick Apartment Owners’ Association (NBAOA) for its tactic of pressuring tenants to side politically with landlords.

Over the weekend, a flyer was circulated to tenants in Colpitts buildings, and possibly other buildings, calling on tenants to pressure the Higgs government to cut taxes on landlords or face rent increases of as much as $700.

The flyer has the name of the NBAOA on it and it pressures tenants to contact the premier if they don’t want rent increases.

“This constitutes harassment,” says Jael Duarte, the Coalition’s tenant advocate. “Landlords are threatening tenants to raise the rent if they don’t comply with their demands, it clearly shows how the housing crisis in New Brunswick is a human rights issue” she said.

ACORN activist Sarah Lunney said “extending the provincial exemption to landlords does not guarantee protections for tenants. What does protect tenants is rent control.”

New Brunswick legislation does not protect tenants from any kind of rental price increase, nor does it allow for tenants to receive any benefit from lower taxes for their landlords…. [Read More]