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Affordable Housing

CCPA-NS report: more than 30,000 permanent affordable housing units needed in NS

Policies should use intersectional lens to understand why certain groups are excluded from secure housing, author says

What would it take to ensure that everyone has meaningful access to safe, permanently affordable, secure, supported, and adequate housing in Nova Scotia?

That was the question authors of a new report released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-Nova Scotia (CCPA-NS) with the Housing for All Working Group wanted to answer.
The report titled ‘Keys to a housing secure future for all Nova Scotians’ offers a multifaceted plan to address the province’s affordable housing and homeless crises.

Created with collaboration from dozens of experts and community organizations across the province working on the front lines of the housing crisis, the 87-page report highlights the need to reframe housing as a human right so everyone has access to safe, affordable, and adequate housing.

“In Nova Scotia, thousands are without any place to call their own, living on the streets, couch surfing or staying in shelters. Others are in accommodations that they cannot afford, or which are not safe nor adequate nor properly maintained,” the report states… [Read More]