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Tenant worried about future as New Dawn sells affordable housing units in Sydney

Social welfare agency says rents for vulnerable people can’t rise enough to cover increasing cost of operation

Meaghan Morrison is worried about the future of affordable housing in Sydney, N.S., after finding out the social welfare agency that owns her apartment building is selling the property.

She looks after her four-year-old daughter and aging father and pays the non-profit New Dawn Enterprises $900 a month for a three-bedroom townhouse-style unit on Havelock Street in the north end.

“It felt like there was some longevity here, like even if I got a job, if it was minimal income, I could still basically afford myself and my family and I’m petrified now, because I don’t know what’s happening,” Morrison said. “If they sell the property, who are they selling it to and what does that mean for the tenants that are in here?”

Morrison said she is afraid the new owner will increase rents, making it unaffordable for her to stay and forcing her out into the community, where vacancies are low and rents are higher. … [Read More]