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Some Argue Halifax’s New Airbnb Law Will Cost City Millions

HALIFAX — At one time, Airbnb seemed to many like a simple side hustle to make some cash. During the odd days or when you’re away from your home, you can rent it out rather than leaving it empty. But, as the popularity of Airbnb grew, short-term rentals became full-fledged businesses.

People have been buying up houses and apartments and listing them on websites like Airbnb year-round. Across Canada, this has led to concerns over noise, parking, safety, and the impacts on the nation’s housing crisis.

On February 21, Halifax became the latest city to introduce regulations aimed at the short-term rental industry. By a vote of 13-3, Halifax Regional Council approved new rules that prohibit these rentals in residential zones unless that house or apartment is the owner’s primary residence.

The new law goes into effect September 1. …[Read More]