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Core Values


Provide our members with a collective voice that affects positive change within the apartment rental industry and the communities served. An association that understand and supports members’ needs; where ideas, information, talents and expertise are shared and valued to foster an equitable environment and collaborative network for investment property professionals throughout Nova Scotia.

Core Values:

  • Advocacy –  Drive positive change to legislation through dialog with government agencies
  • Education – Facilitate programs and learning sessions to enhance professional performance and services our members provide to the public
  • Economy – Promote a healthy local economy, while emphasizing the connection between our members and the community
  • Communication-Foster active collaboration and transparency between members and the board to ensure the success of the Association
  • Membership – Provide value through supplier partnerships, lobbying efforts, networking events and access to resources
  • Environment-Maintain a current understanding of environmental practices and share this information with our members
  • Community – Promote a positive image of landlords to the public while encouraging members to invest in their communities through public engagement, volunteer efforts and neighbourly conduct.

Corporate Sponsors