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‘Maxed out’: Dalhousie Legal Aid suspends drop-in services until June

People looking for representation in residential tenancy hearings will need to look elsewhere for now

Dalhousie Legal Aid Service is suspending drop-in services during May while it deals with a backlog of cases.

That means low-income and vulnerable people looking for legal help to deal with tenancy issues in Halifax will need to look elsewhere for now.

“Like all of the services that are supporting people dealing with the outcomes of the current housing crisis, we’re really maxed out,” said Joanne Hussey, a community legal worker at Dalhousie Legal Aid.

In the past, Dal Legal Aid’s client load has been an even split of people with questions about income assistance and people needing help with tenancy issues. .

But Hussey said residential tenancy issues in the past year have made up “almost 100 per cent” of their work, though issues of income and housing are not necessarily mutually exclusive. ..[Read More]