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Northern India consortium wins contest to design Kentville, N.S., property

KENTVILLE, N.S. — Ron Lovett envisions residents getting to know their new neighbours as they walk through a modular home community proposed for the Kentville area.

“Hey, nice to meet you, Jason,” he envisioned them saying. “Hey Sue, how are ya?”

Unlike other developments, Vida’s 6.6-acre property has the homes staggered with a walking path from one end of the community to the other. It was one of the selling points of the winning entry to Vida’s $25,000 contest to design the community.

“I just thought it was really unique that you could walk the path from start to finish and do different versions of that, so it wouldn’t be the same walk. It’s not like walking along the road where you see the same thing each time,” said Lovett, Vida’s founder and CEO. “I really thought that nailed it for me. It really reminded me of Europe where you really get to know the community.

“One of my fears (was) that this would be so structured that you’d be no different than a regular home that has two houses on each side. You probably don’t interact with your neighbours or someone five doors down. We’re really trying to think outside the box with how do you connect (and foster) that strong sense of community.” …[Continue Reading]