Developers Plan On Building 900 Residential Units On Old Dartmouth Mall Site

HALIFAX – If all goes according to plan, 25 acres of currently empty land in Dartmouth will someday be home to nearly 900 housing units.

Local companies Crombie REIT and Clayton Developments have a 50-50 partnership to develop the land where the old Penhorn Mall once stood on Portland Street. Besides the commercial strip known as Penhorn Plaza, the large swath of land has been vacant for years after the old mall was demolished.

“There’s still a huge swath of derelict land…and they’re looking to do a residential development on the rest of the site,” said HRM’s Dartmouth councilor Sam Austin.

“It’s been a long time coming. HRM had done a whole community envisioning process back in the early 2010s and late 2000s. And the outcome of that visioning process was broad guidelines as to what would be allowed on site.”… [Read More]