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A guide to the major developments that will transform Halifax Regional Municipality

HALIFAX, N.S. —  A crane here, a crane there. Soon enough, will there be a crane everywhere in Halifax Regional Municipality? Well, with the way things are looking right now, more cranes and construction sites will definitely have a place here in the next decade or so, as the region undergoes a significant transformation.

Developers are eyeing large stretches of land as potential in hopes of bringing new high-rises and mixed-use properties to the region currently facing a 1.9 per cent rental vacancy rate. Affordable housing projects will coincide with these private developments to add below-market level rental units to the rental supply. At the same time, the municipality is pushing projects like the Cogswell district redevelopment, with a plan to form a gateway from the north end all the way to downtown Halifax. These developments would bring hundreds of new apartments to the region, while also attracting new businesses, residents and visitors… [Read More]