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Here Are The Plans For The 20-Storey Tower At The Foot Of Macdonald Bridge

DARTMOUTH — A Dartmouth property owner plans to build a 20-storey tower across the street from the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge.

Alex Dunphy has submitted plans to the Halifax Regional Municipality for a large tower on the corner of Wyse Road and Nantucket Avenue.

Fathom Studios, the design firm shepherding the project through Halifax’s development process, is positioning it as a major upgrade for an underutilized plot of land that could mark the start of a significant transformation in the neighbourhood.

Right now, the plan is to build a 20-storey tower on two lots at 112 and 114 Wyse Road. The tower, which sill stretch well above other buildings in the area, will house a mix of residential units and ground-floor commercial space… [Read More]