Proposal for 23-storey building near Halifax Common to head to regional council

A public hearing on the Robie Street development will be held in September

A  23-storey apartment building proposal that is highly unpopular with the residents of a neighbourhood near the Halifax Common will head to regional council for final consideration.

On Tuesday evening, the Halifax and west community council approved a staff report on the 85-metre high proposed development on Robie Street, near Quinpool Road. It goes to a public hearing at regional council in September.

According to a report, 80 per cent of households in the area that offered feedback on the proposal said they do not approve of the building. The most common request was for it to be shorter, and the most common concern was the negative effect it would have on the Common, which is located across the street.

The staff report, however, said the building should be approved because it “meets the prescribed building form, mass, and land use requirements previously approved by regional council.”…. [Read More]