Halifax’s Cogswell project budget rises $27.4M before work begins

Halifax’s landmark redevelopment plan now expected to cost $122.6 million

The redevelopment of downtown Halifax’s Cogswell interchange is poised to cost $27.4 million more than expected.

A staff report from the city recommends council for Halifax Regional Municipality award the tender for the work to Dexter Construction.

While the firm’s bid of $95.7 million was the lowest of two received, the report says the higher-than-anticipated construction cost will push the total budget of the project to about $122.6 million.

The increase “is primarily due to the influence of inflation and higher construction costs since the time of the original project estimate,” according to the report.

Although cost sharing from Halifax Water, Bell Aliant, Heritage Gas and Nova Scotia Power is expected to offset the project construction cost, the report notes the amounts of those contributions have yet to be finalized. Utility infrastructure will be buried… [Read More]