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Templates Support

Once you have downloaded your templates package, you can customize templates to fit your brand. You can update the documents to include your business logo, address, and any other information you wish to include in your documents.

These forms can be saved in MS Word template format and will be ready to be used over and over.

Please note: The support information below may vary depending on the version of MS Word that you are using and whether you are on a Mac or a PC.


How to Save as a Template

In order to save your document as a template, you will first want to follow the instructions for inserting your company logo.  You will also want to customize any information such as phone number and address. Once you are satisfied with your form, save it as a template by completing the following steps:

1. Choose >File, then >Save As

2. Click on the destination folder you wish to save to (such as a templates folder on your desktop)

3. Give your file a name

4. Choose the file type >choose template document (.dotx)





How to Add a Logo to a Template


In order to add your company logo, you will want to follow these simple steps…

1. Open the document you wish to add your logo to

2. Go to >Insert, then click >Header

3. Scroll down and choose >Edit Header

4. Go to >Insert Picture, then choose your logo from your saved files

5. Insert logo, then adjust sizing and position by using the arrows