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New – Forms Template

Your package includes over 35 documents, which will cover all aspects of running your rental property business, including Landlord Forms, Building Notices, Tenant Letters, as well as, Schedule “C”, and Schedule “D”. IPOANS members receive a discount that is applied at checkout!

  1. I have purchased the rights to use the Documents in the format indicated above and acknowledge I may print and use the Documents as many times as I wish;

  2. I shall not distribute, in whole or in part, the Documents to any non-IPOANS Member or Members. I understand that if I have purchased the rights to use the PDF version of the Documents that I may share those forms with other members of my company;

  3. I shall not make the Documents, or any portion thereof, available to the public whatsoever, including but not limited to posting the Documents, or portions thereof, on public websites and/or Internet servers;

  4. I shall continue to use the Documents only so long as I remain a member in good standing of the IPOANS and, where I cease to be a member in good standing of the IPOANS, I shall refrain from using the Documents until such time as my membership is brought into good standing with the IPOANS;

  5. I shall not share, disseminate or otherwise distribute to anyone, including corporations or unincorporated associations, the contents of the Documents;

  6. I shall take all reasonable steps to protect the IPOANS’ copyright in the Documents and agree to report any violation thereof to the IPOANS immediately upon discovery of same;

  7. I acknowledge that, should I violate the terms of this agreement or the IPOANS copyright, the IPOANS may enforce its legal rights, including but not limited to suit for damages or injunctive relief, and I understand that I shall be liable for damages for any such violation or violations;

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  9. I acknowledge that this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Nova Scotia.