Halifax Employment Growth Continues, 2,400 Jobs Added Last Month

HALIFAX – The city’s employed labour force keeps growing, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Statistics Canada’s latest numbers, the city added 2,400 jobs between February and March.

The number of people employed in Halifax as of March was 242,500 – an increase of 2,400 from the previous month.

March of 2021 represented the one-year anniversary of when the world changed due to the pandemic. One would expect that employment numbers, overall, would see a significant decrease in every city. Halifax, however, added 14,700 people to the labour force over the past year and employed an extra 10,600 people. Those are mind-boggling stats given the circumstances.

In comparison, cities in neighbouring New Brunswick didn’t do nearly as well, jobwise, during the past 12 months. Moncton added 2,300 to its labour force but still lost more than 1,000 jobs. Saint John faced similar job loss during the pandemic, adding 1,000 to the workforce, yet losing 1,500 jobs in the process… [Read More]