O’Toole, Singh, Trudeau miss the mark on affordable housing

It’s not more government involvement, it’s less.

Each of the three main candidates vying for prime minister in the next election have highlighted this: Canada needs more affordable housing. Each one has different ideas as to how to address this growing need, and each one suggests it is a complicated and complex process.

But here’s the good news that they don’t realize ─ developing more market-rate new apartments frees up older apartment buildings for affordable housing. It’s that simple.

Most politicians today were not in Ontario in 1975. They did not experience first-hand the far-reaching effects of rent control and public involvement in the rental housing industry.

Well-meaning politicians instituted backwards policies to try to ensure housing for all, but instead, they stunted development for more than 40 years, and created an even bigger housing crisis…. [Read More]