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Company Name: Community Service Award
Campaign Name: Community Service
Nominator Name: Jennifer Bateman
Email:, Phone: 9024014619
In the space below, provide the company’s community service or mission statement.

One of CAPREIT’s core corporate strategic imperatives is to be ‘the best place to live’ in the hearts and minds of our residents and employees. Together, these two groups form the foundation of our communities. Our vision applies to all we do in every community service program and supportive program we provide. By making our communities great, we hope to positively impact all of our residents, provide an organization that aligns with our employees’ values and a place they proudly work, and impact the larger community in which we operate.
Community Service Statement:
CAPREIT’s commitment to community extends beyond the responsibility of ensuring we maintain high-quality, desirable properties. We believe that in order to create thriving communities, it is vital that we invest in our residents, their neighbours and the neighbourhoods they live in. As a national organization, our collective vision applies generally to all our communities, but where possible, we look for partnerships that can both be deployed locally and allow for the participation of our employees to affect change in those communities. 

In 2019, CAPREIT started the Building Futures committee, focused on improving the lives of children and families from the most impoverished communities in our country and locally in cities like Halifax.This cross departmental and executive sponsored committee is made up of representatives from across the geographical reach of the organization as well as diversely represented across function within CAPREIT.    
CAPREIT then selected a community-based organization called Pathways to Education, that seeks to empower and support high school students so that they can achieve their post-secondary goals.  CAPREIT has built its reputation around providing homes for families and this is just another way that we can help our most deserving families succeed in our communities.       

In Halifax, Pathways to Education partners with Chebucto Connections and focusing on youth in the Spryfield community.
CAPREIT was already an enthusiastic and creative fundraising group.  This partnership allows us to focus our energies in support of one cause. The engagement activities that CAPREIT typically hosts, such as potlucks, parties, social gatherings, games and competitions, that mean so much to us as a company, took on new meaning when we raised sizeable contributions for Pathways to Education.  Crucial to the success and infiltration of these initiatives into our company culture has been the steadfast and overwhelming commitment from our leadership team to prioritize and promote these activities.   

In the space provided, highlight why this company is deserving of this award.

Integrating community service into CAPREIT’s culture has a profound impact on both the organization and the communities we serve. We believe in the power of meaningful engagement beyond our business operations.

CAPREIT announced its corporate sponsorship of the community-based organization Pathways to Education in 2019.  After choosing Pathways to Education as our charity of choice, all company-wide efforts have been directed towards bringing awareness to the cause, creating a locally based connection between our employees and the local Pathways communities, and engaging our residents in community events that support the cause.
They believe that a better future for Canadian families starts with high school graduation. Many families, especially new immigrant families, struggle to ensure their children receive the best education and navigate a system they may not understand. Many of these families live in the communities CAPREIT owns across Ontario. 

CAPREIT is deserving of this award because of our principled approach to corporate donation and charitable giving that allows us to maximize our assistance to organizations in which we can have the most impact. These principles include:
• Establishment of a national and local philosophy
• Structure and focus to our community involvement
• Stable financial contributions
• Action and results locally

National and Local Philosophy
CAPREIT looks at the many ways that we can better support and empower our community efforts – from a national perspective to local efforts of our Halifax-based staff and residents.

Our priority is building communities. We treat our residents with the utmost respect and care, and we strive to meet their needs well beyond just providing them with a place to call home. The well-being of our residents is central to our operation and influences everything we do. We want our residents to thrive, and we work to create a sustainable, safe, healthy, and comfortable community in which to live.
Centering our business around the well-being of all our residents, we have instilled a company culture that consistently strives to elevate our service, so every CAPREIT home is the “best place to LIVE”.

As a steward of inclusive and diverse communities across the country, CAPREIT takes its commitment to social responsibility seriously. We make regular corporate donations, commit to annual charitable fundraising goals, and stay involved in community partnerships.

Our Building Futures Committee guides our philanthropic engagements. This includes an ongoing partnership with Pathways to Education, CAPREIT’s charity of choice. They are an award-winning organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young people across the country. They are creating positive change among youth living in low-income and underserved communities by helping them overcome barriers to education and reach their full potential. Focused on dramatically improving high school graduation rates across the country through their mentorship and tutoring services, they provide a future and access to opportunities and resources to which these marginalized youth would otherwise not have access.
Since formalizing this partnership in 2019, both our employees and the corporation have made significant contributions. The funds have helped with the work of Pathways to Education, funding programs that transition low-income youth in underserved communities to high school graduates.

Structure & Focus to our Community Involvement
CAPREIT has invested resources and money into its commitment to community service initiatives.  What sets the CAPREIT program apart is its structure and focus. With a dedicated executive level sponsor, the Building Futures Committee is made up of representatives from across the organization, from head office to property staff to regional employees.  These representatives meet on a consistent monthly basis as a larger group and participate in sub-committee teamwork on a more frequent basis.  Representation ensures participation across the many different offices and regional settings.  It allows for the dissemination of communication and information to all regional offices so that we can, collectively, unite around this great partnership with Pathways to Education.  

Stable Financial Contributions
In addition to the innumerable small donations that CAPREIT makes to local Halifax-based initiatives each year that arrive out of requests from our property teams and residents, CAPREIT made a commitment that each year, we would make a corporate contribution to Pathways to Education. The award-winning Pathways to Education Program is delivered to high school students living in low-income communities across Canada, including in Halifax’s Spryfield catchment. Students in the program receive a comprehensive set of supports needed to overcome the barriers they face and succeed in school, including food vouchers, after-school tutoring and mentoring, financial support, and career planning. 
CAPRIET’s most recent donation of $100,000 in June 2022 has allowed Pathways to increase their efforts to help students in low-income communities overcome the barriers they face—many of which have been magnified by the COVID-19 crisis. As a result of or CAPREITs contributions, 5,562 students are currently registered in the Pathways Program, including 1,243 students who were welcomed into the program for the first time.

Act & Results Locally
CAPREIT supports programs that get results and we put our resources where our resident live.
We are proud of the work that the Halifax Pathways to Education team is accomplishing in the Spryfield community. Prior to the establishment of the Pathways program in this community, high school graduation rates were 54%. Since the establishment of the program, 89% of highschoolers graduate. 73% of those students graduate post-secondary education.

CAPREIT will continue to fund and assist in volunteer efforts in the communities in which we operate to ensure that we maximize our impact and reach our residents who may need the most help.

In the space below, provide a list of fundraising activities describing the impact on the community. Provide any new initiatives or activities undertaken in 2021.

Our innovative collaboration with Pathways to Education reflects our ongoing dedication to fostering positive change, supporting education, and building connections within the communities we serve. Through our annual corporate donation and our community-led fundraising initiatives, we continue to shape a better future for the communities we serve, in particular those kids most in need in Halifax.

The proof is in the numbers in Halifax:
• 73% of Pathways graduates transition to post-secondary education or training
• Graduation rates pre-Pathways to Education was 54% and the graduation rate post Pathways to Education is 89%
• The Pathways Program increases annual income of graduates by 19% compared to their peers
• The Pathways Program increases employment rates of graduates by 14% compared to their peers
• 1:24 social return on investment

What sets our community service strategies apart and distinguishes our organization within the industry is our unique and comprehensive approach to making a lasting impact on the communities we serve. We have established a distinctive framework that goes beyond traditional outreach efforts, and this approach resonates with our commitment to meaningful engagement and lasting change.

At the heart of our community service strategies is the creation of a dedicated committee ‘Building Futures’ focused on aligning and unifying our community outreach and impact efforts. This committee plays a pivotal role in strategizing and directing our resources towards making a substantial and focused influence on the goals of a single charitable organization. Unlike many others in the industry, we understand the power of concentrated efforts, and this committee ensures that our community service initiatives are purpose-driven and impactful.

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Company Name: Community Service Award
Campaign Name: Killam’s Community Investment Strategy: Giving, Volunteering & Housing Affordability
Nominator Name: Megan Phillips (On behalf of Killam Management Team)
Email:, Phone: 902-701-0555
In the space below, provide the company’s community service or mission statement.

As a leading organization, Killam recognizes its responsibility to the community. As such, an experienced community investment committee manages a budget that includes allocations for employee-led giving, suite donations, scholarships, and tenant relief. Killam’s giving strategy is centered on charities and causes that support family and shelter, with each request being reviewed through this lens.

Killam believes in supporting organizations that our employees value. This results in widespread support for community centers, food banks, minor sports, and charitable events. We also encourage employees to use their three paid volunteer days and donate their time, effort, and skill to a charitable cause that is important to them. Volunteering can be an individual effort, or employees can join group volunteer events organized across Killam’s regions. Killam holds an annual Community Giving campaign leading up to each holiday season, using friendly competition and photo sharing to encourage employee participation.

In the space provided, highlight why this company is deserving of this award.

Our suite donation program consists of twelve suites to various non-profit partners annually. Nine suites provide comfortable accommodations for families supporting loved ones undergoing medical treatment. In 2023, two suites were donated to support amateur athletes as they train for competition, and a commercial unit was donated to a not-for-profit business that provides vocational training and employment opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities.

We are supporters of life-long learning and have made an annual commitment to provide eight scholarships to children and grandchildren of Killam employees, as well as our seasonally employed students, to assist in their pursuit of post-secondary education. Investing in future leaders is something we are proud to do.

Killam actively supports its residents through a Tenant Relief program. This program focuses on tenants facing challenging times, whether due to health concerns or loss of work. Managers nominate candidates, and qualifying tenants receive rent relief between one and six months.

In the space below, provide a list of fundraising activities describing the impact on the community. Provide any new initiatives or activities undertaken in 2021.

In 2023, Killam provided $180K in suite donations, $106K in company cash donations, $29K in paid time off for volunteering. Killam’s board of trustees provided an additional $100K in cash donations on behalf of the organization.

We are particularly proud of our work in housing affordability. Killam delivers affordable, safe, clean and high-quality housing to its residents across Canada. Through collaborative efforts with community and government organizations, we offer subsidized units throughout our portfolio, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of individuals. At the end of 2023, 64% of Killam’s portfolio rented for less than $1,500 per month. Additionally, 50% of Killam’s portfolio meets the Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) definition of affordability, with monthly rents of less than 30% of the respective markets’ median household income.

Over the past decade, Killam has been actively involved in Supported Housing Programs, receiving national recognition as a leader in this area. As part of our affordable housing strategy, Killam has over 950 units nationwide with a long-term affordability commitment, contributing over $2.5 million in affordability assistance in 2023. Our long-term strategic partnerships with many of Canada’s non-profit housing agencies positions us as a crucial ally in addressing the country’s housing crisis. We are steadfast in our resolve to be part of the solution, leveraging our strategic alliances to create positive and lasting impacts on affordable housing in Canada.

Our commitment extends further through our Tenant Relief Program. This program is for our residents who are facing challenging times, whether due to health concerns or loss of work. Property Managers suggest potential recipients, and qualifying residents receive rent relief spanning from one to six months.

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Company Name: Community Service Award
Campaign Name: Lawen Giving
Nominator Name: Joanne Lawen Mrakic
Email:, Phone: 9028309896
In the space below, provide the company’s community service or mission statement.

Lawen Giving is an ongoing initiative whereby contributions are made on behalf of our residents to various charitable organizations within the Halifax Regional Municipality. These donations are taken from a portion of monthly rents at no additional cost to the residents.
Funds are dispersed in such a way that they will have an immediate impact on the organizations and not be diluted by administrative costs.
Additionally, the 75 + team members of the Lawen Group – Paramount – Dexel are each offered a $100 Annual Charitable Donation to their organization of choice; and are encouraged to volunteer in a variety of events that support our community. Lawen Group grants every employee access to one day off per year to volunteer time to their organization of choice.
Residents & Team members are directly contributing to positive growth and change within their community.

In the space provided, highlight why this company is deserving of this award.

Since it’s inception, over 50 years ago, Paramount Management (Paramount), a division of the Lawen Group – a privately held, family owned full-service property management firm located in Halifax, Nova Scotia has continued to make contributions to the following organizations:
Salvation Army, IWK, Habitat for Humanity, Feed Nova Scotia, QEII Foundation, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Leukemia Lymphoma Society of Canada, Brigadoon Children’s Camp Society, Good Life Kids Foundation, Mental Health Foundation, Shelter Nova Scotia, UNICEF Canada, Johnathan Lewis Foundation, United Way, Adsum House, Canadian Red Cross, Dartmouth General, MS Society, Black Lives Matter NS, Ronald MacDonald House, Kids Help Phone, Alzheimer Society, and more. Residents are encouraged to also provide the Lawen Group with organizations close to their heart within the HRM.

In Addition, we strive to connect residents to their communities while fostering strong community appreciation and awareness. Paramount purchases tickets to arts, culture, sporting, and charitable events so residents & team members can experience more throughout their community. This ability to experience community events encourages future participation in these events while promoting the events and the community.

In the space below, provide a list of fundraising activities describing the impact on the community. Provide any new initiatives or activities undertaken in 2021.

Paramount’s 18th Annual Toy Drive in partnership with the Salvation Army – two truck-loads of Christmas Gifts were collected from the Paramount community in support of the HRM Toy Drive, for families struggling to make ends meet.

Paramount’s 15th Annual Food Drive in partnership with Feed Nova Scotia – over 1000 kilos of food was collected to help alleviate the effects of poverty in Nova Scotia. Food is distributed to 140 food banks, shelters, soup kitchens and meal programs via Feed NS.

Paramount donated $5000 to support the Nova Scotians affected by the May 2023 wildfires.

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Company Name: Community Service Award
Campaign Name: Recognizing our Responsibility
Nominator Name: Fay Yachetti, Director, Sustainability, Skyline Group of Companies
Email:, Phone: 15198260439
In the space below, provide the company’s community service or mission statement.

Skyline’s community service vision is built right into our business vision: To build strong, supportive, and sustainable communities.  

With this vision, we aspire to set the industry standard for community service. We believe that creating positive social change should be an integral factor within rental housing providers’ business strategy and day-to-day operations—and that is what we do at Skyline. We recognize the importance of giving back not just on a national level but also locally. That is why we find ways to invest in all our 164 communities across seven provinces, including Nova Scotia, where we provide homes to more than 1,590 people across seven properties in three cities. We understand that a truly meaningful and effective community service strategy takes creativity, collaboration, and commitment. 

In the space provided, highlight why this company is deserving of this award.

Community service is a core pillar of our corporate sustainability strategy, and it is baked into our cultural DNA.

We align with the causes where we know we can make the most impact: those most closely aligned with what we do as a business. Housing insecurity, food insecurity, and mental health challenges are the major focuses of our campaigns – all issues in a state of crisis in Nova Scotia (and across Canada), and all relevant to our operation as a rental housing provider. We dare to take chances and employ creative strategies to give back if we see it will have a positive, impactful outcome.

Along the same vein, we do not have a narrow or rigid give-back strategy; instead, we emphasize remaining agile so we can leverage any opportunities that come our way. Our resources are not limited to monetary donations or volunteer hours (although both are undoubtedly important). We tap into our human resources as much as our dollars. In fact, we believe that the single most important aspect of our social sustainability strategy is leveraging the full spectrum of resources at our fingertips.

Just as money has value, so do our: 

– People: We have built an environment at Skyline where our staff can offer their time and expertise to support meaningful and effective community service. For example, we made it easier for our staff to find volunteer opportunities that leverage their own strengths by introducing them to Professionals for Good, an online platform that connects volunteers with charities seeking specific skill sets like IT, Web Design, and Marketing.

– Partnerships: We foster partnerships with government and community organizations on local, provincial, and national levels. Many of our staff are seasoned professionals in their roles and use their expertise to join advocacy groups or serve as advisors and/or Board members for our community partners, so that we can have an even bigger impact on our communities.

– Influence: We lead by example and use our voice and platforms to influence our audiences and garner buy-in and support.  For example, in 2023, Bell Canada was inspired by our Driving Positive Change campaign where we gifted five Integrated Youth Services hubs with their own professionally produced videos to help them share their message. Bell Canada picked up where we left off and created similar videos for additional provinces/territories as part of its 2024 Let’s Talk Campaign, showcasing Skyline as an official partner.   

 We believe that meaningful positive change requires the buy-in of all our Sustainability Partners: our 1,000+ staff in 164 communities, our thousands of residential and commercial tenants, our Trustees, our 5,700+ investors, our community and business partners, and anyone who interacts with Skyline.

In the space below, provide a list of fundraising activities describing the impact on the community. Provide any new initiatives or activities undertaken in 2021.

While our calendar year is chock-full of community activities, we hold three major annual fundraisers, each of which had an East Coast-based component. In total, these three initiatives raised $359,728 for Canadian charities this past year:

– Coldest Night of the Year: In February 2023, Skyline staff across Canada participated in the nationwide Coldest Night of the Year national fundraising campaign to fight homelessness, hunger, and hurt. Staff were grouped into teams, including one in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The teams fundraised leading up to the day of the event on February 25, 2023, where they bundled up for winter walks with friends and family to raise awareness for people experiencing hurt, hunger, and homelessness. With funds raised by staff, and dollar-matching by Skyline, we raised a grand total of $94,220 ($1,740 of which was raised by the Halifax team), far exceeding our initial fundraising goal of $35,000. Skyline placed #2 in Canada for corporate fundraising for this initiative, next to Starbucks Canada. One of the best parts of this initiative—and a major reason we choose to participate time and time again—is that each team across Canada raises funds to go directly toward a local non-profit organization right in their community. So, in effect, although the campaign shares a common goal nationwide, the impact is extremely local. In 2023, the Halifax team raised funds for ARK, a community organization that offers outreach and support to youth experiencing homelessness in Halifax.

– Spring Hope Food Drive: In April 2023, we kicked off our second charitable campaign of the year: our annual Spring Hope Food Drive, which again unites Skyline stakeholders across Canada toward a common goal—donating food and essential items—with the items going directly to the local food banks and community support organizations. In total, across the country, Skyline staff and tenants donated a record 33,808 lbs. of food and essential items, as well as an additional $10,849 in monetary donations to Food Banks Canada. Skyline matched this total with an additional monetary donation of $44,658.78 to Food Banks Canada, for a grand total of 89,318.45 lbs. in donations. Skyline’s Nova Scotia team contributed 826 lbs. on their own, which was donated to Feed Nova Scotia.

– Driving Positive Change: In 2023, through our 19th Annual Charity Golf Classic and Driving Positive Change campaign, Skyline raised $210,000 for five Integrated Youth Services (IYS) hubs in five provinces (including IWK Health Centre in Halifax). This campaign engages all our audiences, including our staff, our investors, and our suppliers.

We chose to focus specifically on youth mental health for 2023 because, through our initiatives over the past year, it became clear that resources for youth mental health are insufficient, and additional support is needed. Further, we decided to pinpoint our focus on IYS services because we saw first-hand the success of this youth support model at the Skyline Community Hub in Fergus, Ontario, seeded and built by Skyline with a $1.1 million investment.

In addition to the fundraising, as noted above, each hub was gifted with its own professionally produced video to help them amplify their voice and share their message – which inspired Bell Canada to create similar videos for additional provinces/territories.

– On top of our four main fundraisers, we donated an additional $400,000 to various initiatives across Canada.

In addition to these major fundraising campaigns, we facilitated the following community initiatives in 2023: 

– Donated $10,000 to the Red Cross to help East Coast Canadians who were impacted by the Nova Scotia wildfires in June 2023. The Canadian and Nova Scotia governments matched all donations, essentially tripling the funds’ impact. On top of the monetary donation, Skyline Living offered units to those in need, with five displaced families moving in right away. Each family was also given a $300 voucher to help them buy food, household supplies, etc.

– Put funds from Skyline Living’s R.I.S.E. (Reach, Impact, Support, Elevate) program to great use. R.I.S.E. is our in-house tenant assistance program, providing resource outreach and sometimes financial relief to tenants who are facing challenging times. Since the program launched in 2020, it has helped save 1,338 tenancies through in-house payment plans.

– Supported 258 refugees from Ukraine through Skyline Living’s Refugee Assistance Program in 2023. Seven Ukrainian refugee families were housed in Nova Scotia.

– Collected 560 lbs. of food and essential items through a Christmas Food Drive for Feed Nova Scotia, organized by Skyline Living’s Nova Scotia team.

– Encouraged our residential buildings across Canada to join their neighbours in a worldwide event and spent an hour in the dark for our Lights Out for Earth Hour Challenge in March 2023.  

– Participated in Earth Day on April 22 through community clean-up events at our properties across Canada.  

– Organized a walk to raise awareness for Heart & Stroke and donated $100 for every Skyliner who participated (a grand total of $10,000).   

– Celebrated Pink Shirt Day (which we recognize has its beginnings in Nova Scotia!) in February 2023 to raise awareness against bullying. Skyline team members across Canada (1,000+) wore their Skyline-branded pink t-shirts to show their advocacy for inclusiveness and respect.   

– Increased our involvement in various observances such as Black History Month, Pride Month, International Women’s Day, and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Our participation took various forms tailored to each observance; our efforts included staff training courses, panel discussions and interviews with our staff, hosting webinars, and external communications like social media.

– Changed our volunteer policy based on employee feedback. Instead of one volunteer day, we now give staff volunteer hours (equivalent to one day). This gives our staff more flexibility with how they choose to use their volunteer time. We also expanded the types of organizations that qualify. In 2023, 1,976 paid volunteer hours were used by Skyline employees to contribute to their communities.

– Introduced Sustainability training to all our 1,000+ employees in 2023 to keep them engaged and up to date on our sustainability efforts, including community service and outreach. Our goal with the new training was to keep Skyliners informed and to inspire them to get involved with our sustainability initiatives. As a result, 85% of employees in our most recent survey agreed that Skyline provides them with the resources to stay informed about the company’s sustainability strategy. 

– Developed an internal corporate donation policy that clarifies how Skyliners can suggest ideas for new community service initiatives.

With each action we take, we hope to influence each of our Sustainability Partners (stakeholders), inspiring them to make community service and social sustainability an integral part of their lives. It is thanks to them that our charitable efforts throughout 2023 have made a significant positive impact on our Nova Scotia communities—and indeed reached far across Canada.

Our culture evolves along with our business, but our objective to create a national army of community-minded givers is unwavering. We are committed to scaling up our ambition in alignment with Skyline’s growth—as well as continuing to be innovative, creative, nimble, and strategic with how we approach community giving.

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Company Name: Community Service Award
Campaign Name: Our Community Involvement as a Culture
Nominator Name: Lindsay Downie – VP Marketing & Communications & New Development Lease-Up
Email:, Phone: 902.818.8599
In the space below, provide the company’s community service or mission statement.

Southwest is built on the culture and values established by founder Simon Spatz and lived everyday by the Southwest family. Our core values are at the heart of who we are. Our mission is to provide the best places to live, shop, work, and play, creating lasting relationships with our employees, customers, partners and our community. As a company, we exhibit a willingness to go above and beyond property management status quo by delivering outstanding customer service, a strong commitment to resident relations, property maintenance and community involvement.

In the space provided, highlight why this company is deserving of this award.

We feel that Southwest Properties is deserving of the Community Service award because as a company, we exhibit a willingness to go above and beyond the property management status quo by delivering outstanding customer service, a strong commitment to resident relations, property maintenance and most importantly – our community involvement.

Southwest Properties currently owns and operates 30 quality apartment and condominium buildings (totally over 1,800 suites) situated in the best residential areas of Halifax, as well as several commercial and retail properties that are home to everything from local independent boutiques to national businesses. But our company is only as strong as our people, and for years our employees have been building our excellent reputation in the community.

We care about our community and give back in meaningful and caring ways. We encourage all employees to support local charities and offer charitable matching up to $1,000 per year for each employee. All employees are also given one day with pay to donate their time for charitable work. We recognize the importance of community work and present annual Community Service awards to our employees.

In addition to Southwest corporate sponsorships and charitable contributions to many events and organizations within the community, it is our employee involvement that makes us most proud. Our employees live our values every day through the numerous fundraising initiatives that they personally organize, participate in or support by being on committees and boards within the community.

In the space below, provide a list of fundraising activities describing the impact on the community. Provide any new initiatives or activities undertaken in 2021.

It is not just one initiative or campaign, it is our overall involvement in our community through volunteer activities, charitable contributions, service projects and events. We are proud that so many of our employees either sit on boards or are committee members for raising awareness and funds for organizations within the arts, health, and housing.

In 2023 we had management members involved in campaign work for the Dartmouth General Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Lady Ball for Ovarian Cancer and the Message of Kindness fundraiser for the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia, just to name a few.

We also had employees who personally organize portfolio wide food drives twice a year by distributing the boxes, running the campaign drive and then collect and deliver over 2,000 pounds of food that is then distributed within our community for those in need.

The many initiatives varied last year and included as many as 100 employees raising funds and participating in our matching donation program. Last year alone, our company contributed to 97 different organizations and causes, amounting to over a half a million dollars being donated into the community.

At Southwest, we care about our community and give back in meaningful ways. We encourage all employees to support local charities or a cause that’s important to them. These efforts have both a short and long term impact within the communities in which we do business.

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Company Name: Community Service Award
Campaign Name: Wyse Helping Homes
Nominator Name: Jennifer Brown
Email:, Phone: 6474657831
In the space below, provide the company’s community service or mission statement.

Wyse believes that every successful life’s journey starts with a safe place to call home. As such, our community service vision focuses on dedicating time, talent, and financial support towards helping those who do so much for our communities at the grassroots level, often on the tightest of budgets. Our various employee-driven initiatives serve as a reminder of our commitment to the people of the communities we live, work, and operate in – and to the kind of society we hope to help build for us all.
Chief among those programs, the Wyse Helping Homes Program is our commitment of time, talent, and financial support to help those who do so much for our community at the grassroots level, often on the tightest of budgets.
Our partnerships with local organizations like Shelter Nova Scotia allow us to funnel our support directly to front-line initiatives, where it is needed most. We are also dedicated to supporting the grassroots outreach led by our clients and associations.
WYSE VISION: To be Canada’s leading expert in utility information, sustainability and technology solution.
WYSE MISSION: Deliver long-term value through client-focused utility insight, energy ecosystems and a dedication to service excellence and continuous innovation.

Our Beliefs
– We maintain integrity in everything we do.
– We are committed to a sustainable future.
– We strive for excellence.

Our Stakeholders
– We are responsive to our stakeholders.
– We understand our stakeholders’ goals and innovate solutions to meet them.
– We provide our stakeholders with consistent, clear communication.

Our Team
– Our people are industry leaders.
– We foster a positive team environment where we work as one toward team goals.
– We encourage the pursuit of continual career growth and development.
– Our priority is ensuring a safe work environment.

In the space provided, highlight why this company is deserving of this award.

Wyse exemplifies the spirit of this IPOANS Award by going “above and beyond to give back to the communities they operate in” – and we have done so in a unique manner.
Part of what draws top talent to our team is corporate emphasis on work-life balance and living our corporate values. For Wyse employees to be their best, they need a meaningful platform to give back and get the most out of their team experience. We encourage employees to share their ideas to create positive change and execute those ideas through Wyse Helping Homes.
Wyse Helping Homes is front and centre; it’s woven into all employee communications such as weekly staff meetings, management meetings, one-on-ones, the intranet, and team-building exercises. We have a committee dedicated to growing our program, which includes increasing the annual charitable budget, and they are constantly championing new ways to get involved while sourcing feedback from all employees and local partner organizations.
We aim to keep things fresh and present multiple opportunities to make a difference. For example, the committee has endorsed unlimited paid volunteer days for employees. This allows for a deeper and long-term volunteer commitment and has been recognized by our partners like Shelter Nova Scotia as an important contribution to their operations.
Our decision to place Wyse’s community service program completely in employee hands stands as unique within the industry. With commitment and creativity at the heart of our success, we tap into these attributes to craft successful community initiatives.
This Is not corporate box-ticking; this is about improving communities.
It is notable that ONEX, our private equity partner, supports our community service impact. It says everything about why we chose to partner with them, and it illustrates our steadfast commitment to our company values.

In the space below, provide a list of fundraising activities describing the impact on the community. Provide any new initiatives or activities undertaken in 2021.

Strategically partnering with community organizations has allowed Wyse to support some of Canada’s most progressive programming:
– More than 10,000 individuals helped annually; and
– 100 per cent employee participation.
In Nova Scotia, Wyse is a valued partner in the community in 2023:
– Donated $750 to Shelter Nova Scotia as part of the Wyse Helping Homes program.
Nationwide, Wyse team members were visible, active participants in numerous new community activities, including:
– Fundraised donations and played as the Wyse Raiders in the Hockey Helps The Homeless Tournament to support Blue Door support services and 360’ kids.
– Donated to the Red Cross to help wildfire relief efforts in BC and NWT.
– Donated to the CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals.
– Provided warm toques to Indwell Social Housing, The Scott Mission, and Interval House.
– Waived all utility costs for Ukrainian families living in metered suites for one year.
– Fulfilled an in-person volunteer commitment at The Scott Mission to volunteer once a week.
– Joined Interval House Holiday Campaign in its effort to provide special gifts to women survivors of intimate partner violence and their children. Made a financial donation on behalf of our clients.
– Hosted a Habitat for Humanity Build Day with our clients.
– Sponsored the Hats On for Awareness gala to support Mental Health Initiatives.
– Sponsored Victims Services Toronto’s trauma therapy dog program and participated in the Fraudulent Debt Recovery Program for survivors of human trafficking.
– Toy drive to support Toy Mountain.

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