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Company Name: Canadian Apartment Properties REIT (CAPREIT)
Contact Person: Jennifer Bateman
Email:, Phone: 902-401-4619
Company Website:
2021 Vacancy Rate: 1%%, Number of Units: 64,300, Number of Employees: 981 Canadian employees
Describe your Company:

Canadian Apartment Properties REIT (CAPREIT) is Canada’s largest publicly traded provider of quality rental housing. We own, or have interests in, approximately 68,300 well-located, residential apartment suites, townhomes and land lease community sites in Canada and the Netherlands.

Beginning in 1997 and driven by a remarkable history of caring, CAPREIT has never stopped growing. We have over $17 billion in assets, and we have become Canada’s largest residential real estate investment trust (REIT). But being the largest does not mean we do not hyper-focus on local. Local communities have always been where CAPREIT excels – the connections we make and the communities we build. And Nova Scotia is no exception.

In our Nova Scotia portfolio, we have a local team of Operations personnel that customizes the experience for our Nova Scotia market of 3,340 units.

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement:
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT (CAPREIT) works hard to attract great residents by acquiring high-quality rentals in welcoming communities. Our residents are serviced by hard-working, knowledgeable employees who are as devoted to delivering an unparalleled level of service. As a result, we generate long-term, sustainable growth opportunities for our investors.

Customer service is in the DNA of all CAPREIT employees, from our executive team at our head office to our leasing teams in our communities. Our residents are part of the CAPREIT family, and we believe it is not only our dedicated staff, but our residents, who make our communities great places to call home.


We value our residents.
We offer best-in-class experiences to ensure that our residents love where they live. Whether it is through best-in-class technology, like our proprietary Resident Portal, thoughtful building renovations that keep the needs of our residents at our core, or through hiring the best in the industry at our communities to deliver exceptional service, CAPREIT keeps the health, safety and care of our residents top of mind.

We value our employees.
Growth of our people is paramount to our success. Whether through our professional mentorship program, our Operations Management Trainee program, or our Building Leaders program, we invest in them and their potential. We cultivate their leadership skills and develop their careers within the organization.

We value sustainability.
Conservation and sustainability are top priorities within CAPREIT’s projects and communities. It is important to the organization to be responsible stewards of our communities and measure, and ultimately reduce, our environmental impact. Whether it is through recognized programs like BOMA, GRESB or individual projects at our local communities that retrofit infrastructure to reduce CO2 emissions, or installation of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, we constantly look for ways to operationalize sustainability at CAPREIT. We have two dedicated teams focused on further deepening ESG and sustainability and conservation to CAPREIT’s business practices. Each year, CAPREIT publishes its annual ESG Report. This report provides transparency and accountability to our many stakeholders, including our Nova Scotia residents and partners, on our efforts to be responsible stewards of the environment, promote good governance, and drive toward a more inclusive and diverse work environment and leadership team.

For an overview of notable projects completed in 2023, please view our short, 5-part video series on conservation and sustainability:

We value inclusivity & diversity
CAPREIT was deeply honoured to be recognized globally by Equileap on our commitment toward gender balance in our workplace. Equileap’s latest report shows that only 28 companies globally have closed the gender pay gap, and just 18 have achieved gender balance at all levels. We are proud to be the ONLY company in Canada to have gender balance at all levels.

Equileap Report: 2023 Gender Equality Report & Ranking:

Highlight Building Types, Resident Demographics:

CAPREIT is Canada’s largest publicly traded provider of quality rental housing. CAPREIT currently owns or has interests in, and manages, approximately 68,300 residential apartment suites, townhomes, and manufactured housing community sites across Canada and in the Netherlands.

In Nova Scotia, specifically, we have 29 communities, comprising of 3340 rental suites in purpose-built rental towers or townhome complexes.

Our resident demographics range from community to community. We house a wide variety of families, students and newcomers. Overall, within the Nova Scotia portfolio, we have 33% who fall in the age range of 25-34, 12% 18-24, 22% 35-44, 9% 45-54, 8% 55-64 and 16% 65+.

The vast majority of our residents (51%) in Nova Scotia have resided with us for more than 5 years.

Notable Resident Programs and Services:

In late 2019, CAPREIT piloted our ‘Resident Portal’, with the official launch in January 2020. Providing the residents access to service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through exclusive technology is at the heart of providing best-in-class service. This platform has been an overwhelming success. In 2023, CAPREIT looked for ways to continuously improve our offering to our residents and added new modules including third party marketing and resident payments. Our residents are now able to maximize on the discounts and special pricing available to CAPREIT and take advantage of local deals that add to the value of living in a CAPREIT community. In addition, with convenience top of mind, CAPREIT launched an easy-to-use payment initiative that allows residents to pay by credit card or debit from anywhere, at any time – and have that amount instantly appear on their account balance.

We have continued to evolve this tool since its launch. It plays a crucial role in our resident and crisis communication, our convenience offerings for our residents, and our staff’s ability to access and action resident data analytics to best optimize service.

• Presently, we have 91% of our residents using Resident Portal in Nova Scotia.
• The Nova Scotia team has a Resident Portal Happiness Score of 85.2%.
• The Nova Scotia team has a Resident Portal Recommend Score of 8.3 out of 10.

This tool was immensely crucial in communication to our residents in Nova Scotia this past summer when there were forest fire dangers, that included evacuation, as well as the turbulent hurricane weather that was present last summer as well. We are able to communicate directly and on-demand to our residents and they can receive it through email and SMS instantly.

Engaging our residents on social media is an important component of our customer experience. With a dedicated team focused on responding, listening, and engaging with our residents online, we ensure a prompt response to their questions – ranging from a prospective resident interested in a suite to an existing resident with feedback to provide. We closely follow our Google Reviews to ensure that we escalate any feedback so that residents can get the answers they need in a timely manner – and that our communities meet a company standard of service.
• In 2023 alone, we had close to 160 four and five-star Google Reviews for our Nova Scotia properties.

Any resident that requests intervention to assist with an issue interacts with a CAPREIT WeCare team member, trained to provide customer service, and who assists to facilitate a solution with the appropriate operations management. In addition, our timely communication to residents lessens confusion and miscommunication and builds trust.
• In 2023, we sent over 5635 notices to our residents in our Nova Scotia properties, including newsletters and important building updates.

CAPCARES is a resident-focused program dedicated to improving and addressing resident service issues in a timely and effective manner. Residents can escalate a concern to an impartial third-party contact centre where the issue is logged, and a customer focused CAPREIT team works with senior management in operations to find a solution. Within two business days, a representative of CAPCARES will follow up with the resident to evaluate the issue and develop a plan of action. They will then follow up with the resident within two weeks of the initial call to ensure the escalated concern is being addressed to the resident’s satisfaction.

Our Customer Experience team handled handles 1,689 individual resident emails per year, with issues as diverse as rent assistance, noise, health and safety and how to properly access services and resources.

Community Relation Programs and Initiatives:

CAPREIT is a corporate sponsor of Pathways to Education, a national, non-profit organization that provides youth from low-income communities with the resources they need to graduate from high school and break the cycle of poverty. Pathways relies on partners like CAPREIT, including individual volunteers, and government supporters to accomplish its mission. CAPREIT chose Pathways to Education as a national charity partner because it operates in the many diverse provinces that we operate – including Nova Scotia. The Pathways program in Halifax is undertaken in partnership with Chebucto Connections ( With a 55% graduation rate in the Pathways Spryfield catchment area, Pathways to Education was chosen as the most appropriate program for the Spryfield community. Following a long community assessment, the Pathways Spryfield program came to life in 2010. Pathways supports the current efforts of educators and experts already working with Spryfield youth. The program brings community resources together to achieve a common goal of providing students the extra support they need to be successful in school.

Because of CAPREIT’s annual corporate donation and fundraising of staff, Pathways was able to increase its efforts to help students in low-income communities overcome the barriers they face – many of which have been magnified by the COVID-19 crisis. In numbers, it means that 5,562 students are currently registered with Pathways Program across Canada thanks to our contribution. An important part in selecting a charitable partner for CAPREIT was ensuring that all staff across Canada could volunteer, mentor and participate in local programs – knowing their fundraising dollars would be supporting local children achieve success in education.

Since 2021, in addition to the corporate donation, CAPREIT staff have donated more than $50,000 through fundraising efforts to support the great work that Pathways to Education undertakes in the communities with children that need it the most.

Sustainability Practices Implemented:

CAPREIT’s commitment to our responsible stewardship of the environment is another top priority within CAPREIT. It is important to the organization to be responsible guardians of our communities and that impacts the environment. Whether it is through recognized programs like BOMA, GRESB or individual projects at buildings that retrofit infrastructure to reduce CO2 emissions, installation of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, we constantly look for ways to operationalize sustainability at CAPREIT. We have two dedicated teams focused on further deepening ESG and sustainability and conservation to CAPREIT’s business practices.

Each year, CAPREIT publishes its annual ESG Report. This report provides transparency and accountability to our many stakeholders, including our Edmonton residents and partners, on our efforts to be responsible stewards of the environment, promote good governance, and drive toward a more inclusive and diverse work environment and leadership team.

CAPREIT recently undertook to showcase the diversity of projects we undertake for our ESG commitments, please see this Conservation & Sustainability Series: For an overview of notable projects completed in 2023, please view our short, 5-part video series on conservation and sustainability:

Notable Goals and Objectives Achieved:

With a workforce of close to 1,000 employees coast to coast, supporting a resident base of over 100,000 people across a large portfolio of residential rental apartments, townhouse suites and manufactured home communities, we have many ongoing objectives and achievements to report on.

Some of our achievements include:

• In 2023, CAPREIT launched the first of its kind in the Canadian rental housing industry – a resident bill of rights:

• Industry leadership of the Canadian Rental Housing Providers for Affordable Housing initiative, and its website,, to help with the solutions to the housing crisis, including op-ed opportunities in national newspapers advocating for the role of housing providers:

o Financial Post, Mark Kenney Op-ed: A simple plan to help boost Canada’s affordable housing supply, January 4, 2024
o The Hill Times, Mark Kenney Op-ed: New housing minister cannot crack the code alone, August 31, 2023
o The Key, Landlord BC, Mark Kenney Op-ed: Canada doesn’t have enough housing, July 19, 2023
o Toronto Star, Mark Kenney Op-ed: As Canadian housing crisis rages on, is ‘financialization’ really to blame?, July 12, 2023
o BNN Bloomberg, Mark Kenney Interview: The Housing Crisis in Canada, June 6, 2023
o Working Capital: The Real Estate Podcast, Mark Kenney Interview: Canadian REIT Market and Affordable Housing, April 12, 2023
o The Hill Times, Mark Kenney Op-Ed: Canada’s next great economic boom can be unleashed by the power of housing, immigration, and labour, January 24, 2023

• Submission to the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (“GRESB”), the results of which will inform future cycles of improvement and the evolution of CAPREIT’s ESG strategy going forward. CAPREIT has also aligned with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”), which will be incorporated in its 2023 ESG Report that will be issued in mid-2024.

• June 2023 – Introduction of the first “Tenant Insurance Month” – an industry first initiative with a month dedicated to educating and informing residents and employees about the important of tenant insurance to protect their important valuable in the case of an emergency:

• March 2023 – Equileap Recognition – As the only organization in Canada to have gender balance on all levels

• Achieved ~2.5% annual energy consumption reduction since 2010.

• Celebrated a diverse workforce of 53% self-identified female employees and over 55 spoken languages.

• Having 43% of independent trustees self-identify as female.

• Having 25% of trustees self-identify as black, indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC).

• Received over 15,000+ responses for the resident satisfaction survey, with over 800 respondents being from our Nova Scotia portfolio (23% of the portfolio) to ensure we can customize our experiences to this unique market.

• Increased our resident survey response by 43% since 2019.

• Earned GRESB GREEN STAR designation in GRESB submission since 2021.

• We partner with 53 community social support providers to supply much needed affordable housing to individuals under their care that suffer from developmental and mental health related disabilities, fostering an integration into a positive and inclusive setting.

Demonstrated Commitment and Involvement in IPOANS:

CAPREIT is a proud contributor and member of IPOANS. Jennifer Bateman serves as a Director on IPOANS’ Board of Directors. We are honoured to work with IPOANS to support the important work and educational value that it delivers to its membership.

Collateral Documents:
Photo of the Nominee and Property:

Company Logo:

Company Name: Hazelview Properties
Contact Person: Atiya Khan
Email:, Phone: 6476190211
Company Website:
2021 Vacancy Rate: 2.2%%, Number of Units: 23,000+, Number of Employees: 750+ across Canada with 20 in Nova Scotia
Describe your Company:

Hazelview Properties: Creating Value for People and Place!

At Hazelview Properties, we wear our professional property management badge with pride. Our proven expertise spans 25 years, 6 provinces, where we skillfully manage 200+ multi-family properties. In Nova Scotia we manage 853 suites across 10 properties, with another 530 currently under development.

Our Unique Strengths and Value Proposition:

Company Culture: Our core values are Trust, Ambition, Collaboration, Ownership Mindset, Having Fun. In 2023, we were honored as a Great Place to Work, a recognition based entirely on employee survey and employee satisfaction. Additionally, we proudly received the Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Culture Award.

Resident Satisfaction: At Hazelview Properties, we hold resident satisfaction in the highest regard. An impressive 84% of Hazelview residents in Nova Scotia declare themselves as either ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with Hazelview Properties. This represents a 1.2-point improvement compared to 2022, reflecting our team’s dedication to continuous improvement. Additionally, Hazelview’s Nova Scotia properties boast an average Google Review Score of 4.36/5 stars—a testament to our commitment to resident satisfaction.

Sustainability: Our vision for sustainability is to foster happy, healthy, thriving communities where we operate. 100% of our Canadian multi-family portfolio is ‘Green Building’ certified, through either BOMA BEST or the Canadian Certified Rental Building Program and it’s associated Living Green Together™ environmental certification. This is a significant investment and milestone that was completed in December 2023.

Diverse Communities: Our communities thrive because of the rich tapestry of residents and team members. Each person brings a unique story, weaving together the vibrant fabric of Hazelview.

We celebrate the compelling, eclectic lives within our walls. Moving Stories is our tribute to the remarkable residents who call Hazelview home. From heartwarming anecdotes to inspiring journeys, these narratives remind us that community-building transcends more than bricks and mortar—it’s about people.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create value for people and places. In this, we are guided by our core values: trust, ambition, collaboration, ownership mindset, and having fun. For us, creating value is about more than recognizing good real estate, it’s about seeing the promise in people. We believe that our people are what set us apart. We celebrate and centre them in all that we do. We are proud of our diverse and talented workforce, which includes 750+ employees


Our core values are Trust, ambition, collaboration, ownership mindset, and having fun.

We embrace a people-focused culture that drives collaboration and empowers our employees. We strive to promote ownership mindsets, accountability, curiosity, continuous development, and the pursuit for excellence, while prioritizing respect, inclusion, and appreciation. At Hazelview, high performance isn’t just measured in numbers, but also on a human scale — through the eyes of our investors, partners, residents, and team members.

Highlight Building Types, Resident Demographics:

Our Halifax portfolio offers amenity-rich options in Halifax’s best neighborhoods, including Clayton Park West. We manage a variety of properties, from smaller cozier buildings, surrounded by an abundant greenery to larger high-rise properties located in central locations and newer purposely built condominium style, luxury rental suites with impressive views over the bay. With numerous pet friendly choices, we cater to different types of residents.

Many of our centrally located premium properties are designed for working professionals who are looking for a luxurious lifestyle in the heart of the city and empty nesters who want to enjoy the city’s amenities without the hassle of maintenance. Other properties cater to families and individuals who want a comfortable living space that is both affordable and convenient. These apartments often come with on-site laundry facilities, bike storage, and communal spaces like game rooms and outdoor areas.

Overall, Hazelview’s properties in Halifax offer a wide range of building types that cater to different demographics.

Notable Resident Programs and Services:

The most notable and unique program we offer is a healthcare program that is offered through Maple Healthcare, a leading Canadian provider of virtual healthcare.  Through this program residents in select buildings have access to complimentary virtual healthcare, with a focus on communities with known family doctor shortages.  Within Nova Scotia, we rolled this program out to great success last year.

Community Relation Programs and Initiatives:

At Hazelview Properties, our commitment extends beyond property management— We aim to create value through building socially sustainable communities and by taking care of our people. Our formal Corporate Social Responsibility program, Hazelview Cares, is a beacon of purpose, focusing on three critical areas:

Housing: We recognize that safe, affordable housing is the cornerstone of thriving communities. Through various initiatives, we contribute to housing stability and accessibility.

Education: Education transforms lives. Our programs support scholarships, bursaries, and youth programming, ensuring that education remains within reach for all.

Health & Wellbeing: A healthy community is a resilient one. We invest in health-related initiatives, promoting physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Our Collective Impact:

Employee Engagement: Over 40% of our dedicated employees actively participate in these endeavors. Their passion drives our mission forward.

Partnerships: In 2023, we collaborated with 20 partners, spanning public, private, and non-profit sectors. Together, we positively impacted over 5,000 community members.

Examples of some of our annual programs:

– Maple Healthcare: Free access to private healthcare practitioners, including mental healthcare providers for many Nova Scotian residents living in Hazelview properties.

-Toy Drive: Across all Hazelview properties in Nova Scotia we hold a Toy Drive annually. 220 toys collected in 2023.

– Habitat for Humanity: Partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build affordable housing (in GTA) and making donations to their charity.

– Boys & Girls Club: Partnering to provide barrier-free access to programming (in Ottawa) for at-risk youth and making financial donations.

– Scholarship and Bursary Program: Over 20 scholarships and bursaries awarded each year nationally

– Skilled Trades program: partnering with non-profit organization ‘Hammer Heads’ to provide employment opportunities in the skilled trades for at-risk and indigenous youth

Sustainability Practices Implemented:

Over the last year Hazelview has made the following significant advancements in our commitment to sustainability: 

1) Green Building Certifications:  100% of our Canadian portfolio is ‘Green Building’ certified, through either BOMA BEST or the Canadian Certified Rental Building Program and it’s associated Living Green Together™ environmental certification.  This is a significant investment and milestone that was completed in December 2023.  Through the CCRB Program and its associated Living Green Together™ environmental certification, we met 55 industry-leading standards of practice, including 10 environmental standards, and over 250 specific requirements. These standards encourage quality and excellence and promote environmental responsibility and resident engagement. The BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings certification recognizes excellence in energy and environmental management and performance. The BOMA BEST certification entails audits in seven major categories; Energy – Water – Waste Reduction – Emissions & Effluent – Indoor Environment – Environmental Management Systems – Pandemic Response

2) Sustainable Apartment Living Education for Residents:  We hired Candice Batista, author of the book ‘Sustained – Creating a Sustainable House Through Small Changes, Money-Saving Habits, and Natural Solutions’ to come in and educate Hazelview residents on how to live more sustainably.  Candice Batista is also one of Canada’s leading eco-advocates and a global environmental reporter.  We hosted a nation-wide webinar which provided Hazelview residents with easy tips on how to reduce energy, water, and waste. 

3) EV charging program: 80% of our buildings in Nova Scotia has recently had EV chargers installed.  We continue to install more EV chargers throughout our portfolio, and currently have 90 charging ports across the Canadian portfolio.  Since installing the EV chargers, we have avoided 166,703 Kg of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the atmosphere. 

4) Environmental Building Audits:  In our commitment to sustainability, we have launched a national energy, water, and waste audit program to help us identify ways to improve energy and water consumption and waste reduction opportunities. In Nova Scotia, all our properties have recently undergone waste audits and 95% of our properties have had energy and water audits completed.  Water retrofit projects, LED lighting retrofit projects, and investing in high-efficiency boilers are just some examples of environmentally friendly initiatives we have completed because of performing building audits.

5) Capital Retrofit Program: We run a standard capital retrofit program with a goal of minimizing environmental footprint including: installing flow water devices, LED lighting retrofits, and upgrading building automation systems and boilers where warranted, replacing old appliances with Energy Star appliances.

Notable Goals and Objectives Achieved:

Demonstrated Commitment and Involvement in IPOANS:

Hazelview Properties maintains a longstanding membership with IPOANS, ensuring our commitment to staying abreast of the latest rental trends in Halifax. Our annual subscription enables us to participate in key events such as the Annual Gala, while also providing our employees with essential IPOANS training. Additionally, we regularly engage with the IPOANS community by subscribing to their weekly newsletter, diligently read by our team every Friday, which keeps us well-informed about regional developments. Moreover, we actively register for and participate in IPOANS-provided trainings, including updates on occupational health and safety as well as provincial fire safety requirements.

Collateral Documents:×150.jpg,×150.jpg,×150.jpg,–-Maple-Poster-–-2-GP-Visits-Copy-150×150.jpg,×150.png,,×150.jpg,×150.jpg,×150.jpg,×150.jpg,×150.jpg,×150.jpg,–-Hazelview-Properties-150×150.jpg,–-Hazelview-Properties-Copy-150×150.jpg,–-Hazelview-Properties-150×150.jpg,×150.jpg,×150.jpg,×150.jpg,×150.jpg
Photo of the Nominee and Property:

Company Logo:

Company Name: Killam Apartment REIT
Contact Person: Megan Phillips (on behalf of Killam Management Team)
Email:, Phone: 902-701-0555
Company Website:
2021 Vacancy Rate: 1.5% (for 2023)%, Number of Units: 18,835, Number of Employees: 750
Describe your Company:

Killam is a growth-oriented Canadian real estate investment trust owning, operating and developing apartments and manufactured home communities (MHCs). Killam owns a $4.8 billion real estate portfolio, located in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Mission Statement:

At Killam our definition of success includes the amount of good we do for our people, our community, and our planet. We are committed to earnings and portfolio growth, but we are also committed to providing our tenants with exceptional service, supporting and developing our team members, reducing our impact on the environment and making positive differences in each of our communities. When you invest in Killam, you are investing in a strong, innovative and sustainable real estate business committed to doing the right thing.


Killam’s Core Values are an active part of our everyday work and our leadership embodies these in many ways.

1. Generating Creative Solutions from team input.
When looking for Creative Solutions, our leaders approach team members with a genuine desire to learn from them. Many of our best ideas come from the front-line teams, who are at the heart of the organization. In the past few years this has been more apparent than ever as team members continue to face challenges related to the covid pandemic, and now also face staffing and inflationary pressures. These team members continue to deliver despite the business, and personal, demands they are facing.

2. Strong Customer Relationships now being assisted and success measured by our Resident Portal.
Leaders demonstrate Strong Customer Relationships by supporting and providing the necessary tools for clean properties, strict safety protocols, and ongoing communication, all of which are essential. We continue to invest in our Resident Portal as a resource for our tenants, providing an opportunity for self-service 24 hours a day where they may review their account, update their contact information, enter service requests for repairs, make payments online, and reach out to their property manager.
We set a goal for ourselves to serve our customers quickly and efficiently, striving to attend and resolve 80% tenant’s service requests with 48hours of receipt – while this continues to be a stretch goal for us we are continuously improving our processes to ensure success. In 2023, 72% – of almost 60,000 – of our tenants’ service requests were resolved within 48 hours. Killam also surveys all tenants who entered a service request to ensure quality service and that our team completed the job to their satisfaction, we are proud to have maintained a 90% satisfaction rating in 2023.

3. Regular inspections, staff engagement, and investing capital drives positive Curb Appeal.
Maintaining quality at our apartment buildings, manufactured home communities, and even on our website are the key ways that we ensure the highest standards of Curb Appeal. Our leadership team travels from Halifax across Canada to complete in-person inspections of the properties and to meet with each of our team members. Celebrating success with our team members in person throughout the year complements regular visits from local management. Seeing our properties and meeting the regional teams with fresh eyes and open minds is invaluable. We also continually invest in our commitment to Curb Appeal – in 2023 Killam invested $3.5 million into projects that focus on landscaping, corridors, and community amenities.

4. Build Community and Do the Right Thing means investing significantly in the communities where we work and live.
As part of Killam’s effort to “Build Community” and “Do the Right Thing”, we use our properties, staff, and capital to invest in our communities. We are acutely aware of the affordable housing shortage across Canada and have focused on being a meaningful part of the solution.
Through collaborative efforts with community and government organizations, in 2023 we provided subsidized and supported housing units throughout our portfolio, having contributed $2.5 million in affordability assistance. In Nova Scotia alone we have 418 subsidized and supported housing units with long term partnerships with YWCA, Shelter Nova Scotia, ISANS, and Adsum House, to name a few.
Killam also contributed $415,000 to communities through other community investments, including $100,000 in cash donations annually from Killam’s Board of Trustees.

Highlight Building Types, Resident Demographics:

Killam’s portfolio offers a wide range of housing. From students to young professionals, working families to retired seniors, or subsidized housing to premium units: Killam is proud to provide a “Home for all”. Killam has 18,835 apartment units, 5,975 land lease rental lots, and 1 million square feet of commercial property, spread across 7 provinces in Canada.

Notable Resident Programs and Services:

1. Killam Resident Assistance Program
Since 2009, Killam has helped hundreds of our residents through our Resident assistance program. The program focuses on residents who have fallen on or are facing some challenging times, be it health related or loss of work and could simply use a little break.
Property Managers submit a rent relief request through Killam’s Charity and Community Giving Committee where the application is reviewed. Typically, qualifying residents receive anywhere between one and six months of rent relief.

2. Working with New Canadian communities
For years, Killam has responded to numerous international relief programs for war torn refugees needing a home in Canada. Our international relief programming, which typically includes financial support, and can also include education, language training, and community programming via our agency partners, and in some instances, employment at Killam. In 2023 alone, we had 57 units listed with our partners at ISANS which does not includes the hundreds of new Canadian residents who stay with us long after their ISANS sponsorship expires.

3. Leadership in the Canadian Certified Renal Building Program (CRBP)
Ensuring our properties have the best operating and healthy living standards for Killam’s residents is a key priority.
In 2023, Killam partnered with the CRBP to become the first Nova Scotia property to be certified and celebrated the certification of four of our Nova Scotia communities resulting in over 1000 units certified. Killam’s goal is to pursue green building health and operating certification across a minimum of 20% of our portfolio by 2025.

“We are proud to be the first rental housing provider in the region to pursue the CCRB and Living Green Together certifications, highlighting our commitment to providing safe, quality housing for our residents. We recognize the importance of ensuring that our properties meet the highest operating standards for our residents and provide a safe workplace for our employees.” – Philip Fraser, President & CEO

Community Relation Programs and Initiatives:

As a leading organization, Killam recognizes its responsibility to the community. As such, an experienced community investment committee manages a budget that includes allocations for employee-led giving, suite donations, scholarships, and tenant relief. Killam’s giving strategy is centered on charities and causes that support family and shelter, with each request being reviewed through this lens.

In 2023, Killam provided $180K in suite donations, $106K in company cash donations, $29K in paid time off for volunteering. Killam’s board of trustees provided an additional $100K in cash donations on behalf of the organization.

Killam believes in supporting organizations that our employees value. This results in widespread support for community centers, food banks, minor sports, and charitable events. We also encourage employees to use their three paid volunteer days and donate their time, effort, and skill to a charitable cause that is important to them. Volunteering can be an individual effort, or employees can join group volunteer events organized across Killam’s regions. Killam holds an annual Community Giving campaign leading up to each holiday season, using friendly competition and photo sharing to encourage employee participation.

Sustainability Practices Implemented:

Killam integrates and prioritizes sustainable practices through all areas of our corporate strategy, including the acquisition, development, and operation of our properties. Killam recognizes the significance of ESG initiatives and the long-term value they provide to our stakeholders.

Killam’s ESG strategy is guided by our Sustainability Policy, which was refreshed in 2023 to encompass the full scope of our ESG commitments. This policy is approved by the Board of Trustees and is reviewed annually by Killam’s senior management team. Our ESG strategy is grounded in the following commitments.

• Environmental: To promote better environmental health by focusing on projects that reduce our energy consumption, enhance our water and waste management practices, and lower our GHG emissions.
• Social: To prioritize resident satisfaction, employee engagement, and community well-being by supporting initiatives that create vibrant and inclusive environments, foster strong community connections, and provide ongoing growth opportunities for our teams.
• Governance: To provide strong oversight of management activities that ensures ethical business conduct, effective risk management, and accurate disclosure of all material information to the public.

Killam’s Corporate Sustainability Committee, comprised of the President and CEO, senior management, and key staff, ensures the integration of ESG objectives into Killam’s strategic goals and regularly reports progress against ESG targets to the Board’s Governance and ESG Committee.

Environmental Goals & Objectives Achieved

•Energy Systems and Performance: In 2023, Killam invested $8.8 million in energy-efficiency projects. These projects include retrofitting apartment units with LED lighting and efficient appliances as well as enhancing building envelopes and upgrading HVAC systems. Killam’s goal is to invest $50 million in energy-efficiency projects by 2030.

•Building Automation Systems (BAS): Killam has invested in a central BAS server capable of remotely monitoring energy system performance and building comfort conditions. BAS coverage expanded from 11 buildings in 2022 to 30 in 2023, targeting integration of 16 more buildings in 2024.

•Submetering: Killam’s goal is to implement electrical submetering in new developments and acquisitions, thereby encouraging tenants to reduce consumption as they pay directly for the electrical bill.

•Renewable Energy: Killam is dedicated to incorporating geothermal and solar panels where feasible. Killam now has six properties with geothermal systems, reducing emissions by up to 25% compared to conventional heating and cooling systems. Killam also has 23 buildings with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, which are expected to generate 2,395 megawatt hours (MWh) of renewable energy annually. Killam’s target is to produce a minimum of 10% of operationally controlled electricity consumed by our portfolio through renewable sources by 2025. Additionally, Killam’s five properties with solar domestic hot water systems save approximately 1,800 gigajoules (GJ) of natural gas annually.

•Sustainable Transportation: In alignment with future transportation considerations, Killam prioritizes developments in urban cores and walkable sub-markets, exemplified by our newly completed projects like Civic 66 in Kitchener and The Governor in Halifax. 102 of our properties have a walk score over 70, which is considered very walkable. Killam is also focused on incorporating bike parking and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at our properties. As of 2023, Killam has integrated 401 Level II EV charging stations across 57 buildings and is collaborating with Halifax-based non-profit EV4U on an EV ride share pilot program.

GHG Emissions:
•GHG Emission Reduction: Killam conducts an annual GHG inventory that complies with The Greenhouse Gas Protocol. In addition to our commitment to measuring our emissions, Killam also has a goal to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions by 15% by 2030 (from 2020 levels, based on a like-for-like portfolio). Killam is currently in the process of completing its GHG inventory for 2023, and our results will be released in our 2023 ESG report this summer.

•GHG Intensity: Killam’s goal is to reduce the carbon intensity of our portfolio by 15% by 2030 (from 2020 levels). We have already made significant progress towards this goal, achieving a reduction of 6.79% in 2022. Our progress made in 2023 will be released in our 2023 ESG report this summer.

•Low-Flow Appliances: In 2015, Killam embarked on an initiative to reduce water consumption by installing efficient water fixtures, prioritizing high consumption properties. Since the program started in 2015, Killam has completed the installation of low-flow toilets in more than 13,000 units in its portfolio, with over 1 billion litres of water saved as a result.

•Sub-Metering: Killam has implemented water sub-metering in new developments since 2018 and is planning to continue with this initiative to reduce water usage. Actual usage data has proven that water sub-metering encourages the conservation of water by approximately 25%.

•Eco-Friendly Landscaping Practices: To effectively manage exterior water consumption, Killam has adopted a no-water landscaping policy. By employing strategic species selection and innovative landscaping practices, we have eliminated the necessity for supplemental plant watering.

•Partnership with RTS: In 2023, Killam continued to expand its partnership with Recycle Track Systems (RTS), with RTS overseeing waste disposal services for over 50% of our properties. Leveraging RTS’s AI-powered smart bin sensors, we implemented a proactive approach to tracking and optimizing pickups, ensuring bins are full when serviced. This not only minimizes hauling fees but also contributes to a reduction in truck exhaust emissions.

•Waste Sorting Systems: Traditional garbage chutes on each floor offer convenience; however, they often lead to improper separation of waste. To address this, Killam has implemented tri-sorter chutes in new developments where warranted, allowing residents to separate waste into three streams (garbage, recycling, and organics) using a simple keypad. Once the resident selects the appropriate waste stream, the chute aligns with the corresponding disposal bin in the garbage room below, maintaining both convenience for residents and enhancing responsible waste management practices.

•Resident Education: Killam’s waste management strategy prioritizes resident education and employs a proactive approach for effective waste sorting and disposal throughout the entire duration of the tenancy. Introduced in 2023, Killam’s green lease sets forth clear expectations for waste separation from the outset of the tenant/landlord relationship. Upon moving in, residents receive comprehensive waste sorting guides included in their move-in packages, available in five languages to meet the diverse linguistic needs of our residents. Additionally, signage is prominently displayed in garbage rooms to serve as a continual reminder to residents regarding proper waste disposal practices.

Green Building Certifications:
•Green building certifications provide third-party verified recognition of the sustainability performance of buildings. By certifying 14 additional properties in 2023, including the Certified Rental Building Program’s first properties in Nova Scotia, we are thrilled to have surpassed our target of certifying 20% of our portfolio by 2025. Currently, 28% of our portfolio is certified, and we recently established a more ambitious goal to certify a minimum of 50% of our portfolio by 2025.

Notable Goals and Objectives Achieved:

2023 operational and financial results as noted by Philip Fraser, President and CEO “Killam achieved total NOI growth of 8.3% for the year, driven by strong market fundamentals in our core markets and solid operating performance across all business segments. Same property NOI was up 7.8% in 2023, including NOI growth of 7.6% from the apartment portfolio, 3.5% NOI growth from the MHC portfolio and 15.8% from the commercial portfolio,”

“We added 415 new units to the portfolio in 2023 through our development program, including Civic 66, a 169-unit property in Kitchener, ON, and The Governor, a 12-unit property in downtown Halifax, NS. Additionally, we purchased the remaining 90% interest in the second phase of Nolan Hill, in Calgary, AB, last December. Killam held a 10% interest throughout the development of this project with a commitment to purchase the remaining 90% upon completion at a fixed price of $65 million, based on terms agreed to in 2021. These developments are expected to contribute positively to Killam’s earnings growth in the future and, more importantly, to the much-needed supply of housing in Canada.”

Other notable areas of success include:
• Corporate ESG targets for 2023 were exceeded, and are further advancing for 2024.
• Achieved tenant survey results of 87% aggregate satisfaction, exceeding the 85% goal.
• Achieved 81% overall employee satisfaction on our 2023 Employee Engagement survey, exceeding the 80% goal.

Demonstrated Commitment and Involvement in IPOANS:

Killam has been one of IPOANS longest standing members and key contributors since its inception in 2002.

From its annual membership and leading the Call to Action Fund contribution, to having one of its executive team being the long serving President and Board Chair, Killam’s involvement in IPOANS has deep roots.

Aside from the above, Killam regularly has other senior management participate in various sub-committee work and government workshops, as well as being one of the key supporters (through enrolling 4-5 students/season) of IPOANS’ educational programming.

Killam is also actively involved in other industry associations including the national industry association, CFAA, where one of Killam’s Executive team sits on the board. We are also a founding member of the Canadian Rental Housing Providers for Affordable Housing (, which advocates for an all-hands-on-deck approach to affordable housing with governments, civil society and the private sector working together collaboratively, each doing their part.

When it comes to IPOANS, Killam is a fully invested and engaged member.

Collateral Documents:,
Photo of the Nominee and Property:

Company Logo:

Company Name: Skyline Living
Contact Person: Theresa DiMenna
Email:, Phone: 5195519715
Company Website:
2021 Vacancy Rate: • Average vacancy in 2022 was 2.75% • Average vacancy in 2023 was 3.45%%, Number of Units: Skyline Living currently manages 21,287 units across Canada; of these, 701 are in Nova Scotia (eight buildings in the Halifax Regional Municipality and the City of Halifax)., Number of Employees: Skyline Living has a total of 730 employees with 17 site staff and one Senior Property Manager located in Nova Scotia.
Describe your Company:

Skyline Living is the property manager for Skyline Apartment REIT (real estate investment trust). Both Skyline Living and the REIT are part of Skyline Group of Companies, our parent entity.

Skyline Group of Companies has been recognized for its commitment to company culture, customer service, community service, and environmental excellence through many industry awards on regional, provincial, and national levels, and is always striving to achieve new heights. It is now a Platinum member of the Best Managed Companies in Canada.

Skyline Living proudly serves more than 36,000 tenants in 21,287 units. These units are spread across 208 properties in 55 communities in seven provinces – from Nova Scotia on the East Coast to British Columbia on the West Coast. Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of property management experience, top-notch service, and commitment to constant improvement. When you live at a Skyline Living property, you can rest assured that your comfort and well-being are our top priority.

Our people are our greatest asset—and therefore our biggest investment. Skyline Living’s leaders use their real estate expertise alongside a continual focus on customer service and community enrichment.

Mission Statement:

Our overall vision is to create meaningful value and an exceptional experience for our customers, our people, and our communities.

We make our vision achievable by bringing passion, energy, and determination to make a positive impact with every interaction.

With every business decision we make, we are fulfilling our commitment to provide a better standard of living for our communities and to maintain an accessible and inclusive environment for our people and our customers.


Our Skyline PRIDE values – Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Drive, and Efficiency- were decided upon collectively among all employees. They are the traits and behaviours we embody and uphold every day.

Highlight Building Types, Resident Demographics:

Skyline Living owns and manages a variety of apartment properties, each catering to different preferences, needs, and lifestyles. They are tiered by Luxe, Distinct, and Comfort brands. Some of the most common types of apartments in our portfolio are:
High-Rise Apartments:
•Tall buildings with numerous floors, often found in urban settings.
•Typically equipped with elevators and may offer panoramic views.
Mid-Rise Apartments:
•Moderately tall buildings with fewer floors than high-rises.
•Combine some features of high-rises with a more intimate atmosphere.

Low-Rise Apartments:
•Short buildings with a limited number of floors, often two to three stories.
•More common in suburban or residential areas.
In Nova Scotia, our buildings consist of 4 high-rise sites in the Halifax area, and 3 mid-rise buildings in Bedford.

All of our buildings in Nova Scotia consist of 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units. Each property has a full gym, a fully equipped social room, and guest suites.

Skyline Living buildings have a variety of resident demographics in each of our locations. The demographics seeking apartment rentals can be diverse and depend on various factors, including location, economic conditions, lifestyle preferences, and societal trends. Skyline Living tenants tend to fall into the following demographic groups:

Age Groups: Young Professionals: Individuals in their 20s and 30s who seek apartments, especially in urban areas, as they may be starting their careers and prefer the flexibility and convenience of renting.

Empty Nesters and Seniors: Some older adults may choose our apartments for living due to downsizing or to enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle.

Income Levels (Lower to Middle-Income Individuals): Apartment living is often popular among those with lower to middle incomes who may find renting more affordable than homeownership, especially considering the current economic landscape with increased mortgage interest rates.

Singles and Couples: Young professionals, students, and couples without children may opt for apartment living for convenience.

Families: While families with children often gravitate toward houses, there is a segment that chooses larger apartments with a community feel for their living space.

Student Population (College and University Students): Students often choose to live in rental apartments, either on or off-campus, during their academic years.

Temporary Residents (Expatriates and Migrants): People who are temporarily moving for work or study typically opt for rental apartments as a more flexible housing solution.

The Ashton, The Kensington, and The Hazelton Apartments, located in Dartmouth, have a primarily senior demographic.

Brookside Terrace, Symphony Suites, and The Two Hundred on Broad Apartments, located in Bedford, as well as The Vincent Coleman in Halifax, are mainly families and working professionals.

Notable Resident Programs and Services:

The Skyline Way – Based on Skyline Living’s Customer Service vision statement, “Make everyday living even better”, this program was designed to go back to the basics to re-evaluate our processes for an effective business model.
•PURPOSE: Why we do what we do. We aim to provide meaningful value and an exceptional experience for everyone we serve.
•NET OPERATING INCOME (NOI) GOAL: How we do what we do. We achieve this goal by meeting our vacancy, income, and expense objectives.
•WHAT WE DO: To become the best property management company in Canada, we embed exceptional customer service, safety, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) into all that we do.

RISE Tenant Assistance Program: Skyline Living’s R.I.S.E. (Reach. Impact. Support. Elevate) program provides vital assistance to tenants facing financial hardship. Since the program launched in 2020, 1,338 tenancies have been saved through our RISE program by way of in-house payment plans and 22 tenancies have been saved through our rent relief program. In addition, Skyline Living has provided:
•RISE financial relief: Since 2020, we have given $64,235 in grocery gift cards.
-2020 Rent relief $56,154.00
-2021 rent relief $35,837
-2022 $24,774
-2023 $10,923
Refugee program – Through Skyline Living’s Refugee Assistance Program, we have supported hundreds of refugee families from over 18 countries, providing them with essential resources and aiding their integration into our communities. From January 1, 2023, to December 1, 2023, Skyline Living housed 258 refugees from Ukraine – 7 of whom were housed in Nova Scotia.

Additionally, we housed community members displaced by the forest fires and hurricanes that affected Nova Scotia in 2023. We had 16 leasing applications submitted during the time of the out-of-control fires (May 15, 2023 – May 31, 2023).

Customer service scorecards & NPS surveys – In an ongoing effort to always improve, Skyline Living strongly believes in measuring and evaluating the tenant experience. Each year, we ask our tenants to complete a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey and, based on the results, we identify areas for improvement and set specific SMART goals for each department to achieve. We also created Customer Service scorecards which enable us to further evaluate and improve the quality of customer interactions, which leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Referral program – Recognizing the benefit of word-of-mouth referrals, we facilitate a Referral program offering a bonus to tenants who refer their friends and family to a Skyline Living building (the bonus is given upon a successful move-in). In 2023, we received 455 successful referrals, and gave our tenants a total of $100,400 in referral bonuses.

Resident Appreciation draw – To encourage tenants to keep their accounts in good standing, Skyline Living holds a monthly draw. Winners receive a $100 rent discount the following month. It’s just one more way we like to say “thank you” to our wonderful residents by recognizing prompt payment of rent.

Events in a Box program – Resident events are crucial in a rental building as they foster a sense of community and enhance the overall living experience. These events provide opportunities for tenants to socialize, build relationships, and create a supportive living environment. Beyond promoting a sense of belonging, resident events contribute to tenant satisfaction, help alleviate stress, and create positive associations with the property. Additionally, well-planned events can improve tenant retention, as residents are more likely to renew leases in a community where they feel connected and engaged.
Each Skyline Living property is expected to host a few events every year. To help our Resident Managers host these events, we have created over 40 event ideas for them to choose from. This program is delivered in collaboration with the Marketing team and the field staff, with designated budgets allocated to each property. In Nova Scotia, all our buildings participated in this program in 2023.
•The Kensington held 2 events – Yard sale and Gift Card Bingo
•The Hazelton Apartments held 3 events – Coffee Time/meet and greet, Merchandise bingo, Christmas tree decorating, and gift baskets.
•The Vincent Coleman held 1 event – Meet and Greet for new staff.
•The Ashton held 2 events – Yard sale and Gift Card Bingo
•The Two Hundred on Broad Apartments held 2 events – Easter Egg Hunt, Bingo Bonanza
•Symphony Suites Apartments held 1 event – Coffee Social
•Brookside Terrace Apartments held 2 events – Halloween kids’ party and Christmas Party

Community Relation Programs and Initiatives:

Giving back to the community is particularly important in Nova Scotia as it fosters a spirit of solidarity and strengthens the social fabric of the province. The close-knit communities in Nova Scotia value collective well-being, and philanthropy contributes to the resilience and support networks that characterize the region. Through charitable efforts and community engagement, individuals and organizations like Skyline Living can address local needs, enhance social cohesion, and create a positive impact on the quality of life for residents. In Nova Scotia, a commitment to giving back reflects a shared responsibility for community welfare and contributes to the province’s reputation for warmth, generosity, and interconnectedness.

Philanthropic Fundraising: Through our major annual fundraisers, Skyline raised over $393,292.00 for non-profit organizations across Canada (including in Nova Scotia) that support people facing homelessness/housing insecurity, food insecurity, poverty, and mental health challenges. These fundraisers include:
•The Coldest Night of the Year fundraising campaign raised $94,220 for charities fighting homelessness, hurt, and hunger in our communities across Canada. Our Nova Scotia team raised $1,740, which was matched by Skyline for a total of $3,480.
•The Spring Hope Food Drive raised 89,317.56 pounds nationwide. Our teams in Nova Scotia raised 826 lbs. as part of the campaign, as well as another 560 lbs. for a holiday food drive later in 2023.
•Skyline’s Annual Charity Golf Classic and Driving Positive Change initiative, which raised $210,000 in 2023 for five Integrated Youth Services (IYS) networks in five provinces—including Nova Scotia’s IWK Health. Each organization was also gifted a professionally produced video telling their unique story, to use for their own marketing purposes. In fact, this initiative inspired Bell Canada to partner with Skyline and produce similar videos for IYS hubs in the rest of the provinces and territories!

Skyline Living properties participated in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Help Hope Bloom Initiative by hosting daffodil planting events in the fall. For every planting event, Skyline pledged to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of the participating property. Skyline also donated $10,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society on Giving Tuesday (November 28) in recognition of all Skyliners who have been impacted by cancer.

Nova Scotia’s Skyline Living teams also donate their time to local organizations for community hours, including local food banks and various foundations to raise money for health concerns.

Sustainability Practices Implemented:

Skyline Living is dedicated to building strong, supportive, and sustainable communities, while challenging the status quo and finding innovative ways to demonstrate a positive social and environmental impact. As part of our commitment, we incorporate sustainable practices into each of our properties, minimizing waste, conserving natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting our tenants and the greater community.

We continue to prioritize and enhance our environmental initiatives as green technology advances. Over the past year, we achieved some significant milestones in our sustainability efforts:
Newly Installed EV Charging Stations: We have installed X electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at our residential and retail buildings in Nova Scotia, promoting eco-friendly transportation options with the goal of reducing carbon emissions. In total, 160 EV chargers were installed at Skyline properties across Canada this past year.

Tree Planting Initiatives: In partnership with Tree Canada, we planted 1,562 trees and shrubs in 2023, contributing to reforestation efforts and enhancing biodiversity.
Some of the many benefits of planting trees include:
• Carbon offsetting
• Oxygen production
• Restoring damaged ecosystems and forests
• Creating habitats
• Removing pollutants from the air
• Regulating storm water

E-Waste Collection and Diversion Program: Our corporate e-waste program and deployment of e-waste bins at our properties nationwide has diverted 4,811 kgs of electronic waste from landfills, promoting responsible recycling practices.

Clean Energy Generation: Skyline-owned solar assets have generated 38,299 megawatt-hours (MWh) of clean energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating environmental impact.

Community Gardens: Skyline Living recognizes that being able to access a community garden can enhance the quality of life for tenants by providing access to fresh produce, promoting physical activity and well-being, reducing stress, fostering community building and social interaction, providing therapeutic benefits, and connecting residents to nature. In Nova Scotia, The Kensington at 80 Holtwood Court, Dartmouth currently has a community garden and we have plans to build more at our other properties.

Earth Hour: Skyline Living participated in the Lights Out for Earth Hour Challenge as part of our commitment to taking action to protect nature and our planet and tackling the climate crisis.

At Skyline Living, we are committed to fostering sustainable practices, supporting our communities, and making a positive difference in the world. We will continue to strive for excellence in environmental stewardship and social responsibility, driving positive change for generations to come.

Notable Goals and Objectives Achieved:

In 2022, the Nova Scotia region had a .56% vacancy. Our vacancy at the beginning of 2023 was 1.84% but we ended the year at .35% vacancy (not including a building that was still under development).

With the new development, Brookside Terrace Apartments, our vacancy in Jan 2023 was 26.64%, and we ended the year at 3.55%. Brookside Terrace Apartments was leased up in a very short time and achieved 100% occupancy by June 1st, 2023.

Through Skyline Living’s R.I.S.E. (Reach. Impact. Support. Elevate) program, we provided vital assistance to tenants facing financial hardship. Since the program launched in 2020, 1,338 tenancies have been saved through our RISE program by way of in-house payment plans and 22 tenancies have been saved through our rent relief program.
Through Skyline Living’s Refugee Assistance Program, we have supported hundreds of refugee families, providing them with essential resources and aiding their integration into our communities. From January 1, 2023, to December 1, 2023, Skyline Living housed 258 refugees from Ukraine – 7 of whom were housed in Nova Scotia.

Additionally, we housed community members displaced by the forest fires and hurricanes that affected Nova Scotia in 2023. We had 16 leasing applications submitted during the time of the out-of-control fires (May 15, 2023 – May 31, 2023).

In the NPS survey conducted with tenants across the country where the average industry score is 0, Nova Scotia scored a favourable +10 with 57% likely to recommend Skyline Living to others.

For 2024, we have set a goal to have all underground parking to be inspected and repaired for any moisture from the unpredictable weather that has been experienced over 2023.

Demonstrated Commitment and Involvement in IPOANS:

Skyline Living has been a member of IPOANS since 01/09/2019.

Skyline Living supports IPOANS yearly, attending various events including Women in Property Management, the Innovation & Excellence Awards, and any golf tournaments.

During IPOANS Q4 Board meeting, the board decided to raise the 2023 Call-to-Action Advocacy Fund revenues from $60,000 to $100,000. This adjustment was of paramount importance in combating the spread of misinformation campaigns targeting our industry.

The Board recognized that housing activists have grown more sophisticated, benefiting from increased financial support from government sources, left-wing think tanks, housing advocates, and politicians. This collective funding has led to the development of a coordinated national strategy that vilifies and undermines rental housing providers.

The Call-to-Action Advocacy Fund supports the following initiatives:
• Ongoing government and public relations campaigns $34,500 – $43,125
• Social media campaigns $3,240 – $4,050
• Third party research reports $30,000 – $37,500
Skyline Living’s Nova Scotia team donated $10,000 towards the 2023 Call-to-Action Advocacy Fund. This contribution is to help sustain advocacy efforts, public relations, and research initiatives to counter misinformation campaigns orchestrated by housing activists.

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Company Logo: