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Company Name: Southwest Properties
Marketing Campaign or Brand Launched and Delivered in 2021: CUNARD – pre release of the Pinnacle Suites
Nominator Name: Lindsay Downie
Email:, Phone: 902.818.8599
In the space below, provide links/handles to all social media platforms utilized. Include the campaign’s target market, marketing and or branding strategy, outcome and impact on operations. Provide details on trendsetting differentiation.

Southwest Properties believes in going above and beyond to improve people’s lives by creating exceptional spaces to live, shop, work and play. Southwest Properties currently owns and operates more than 1,780 quality apartments and condos situated in the best residential areas of Halifax, as well as several commercial and retail properties that are home to everything from local independent boutiques to national businesses.

To us, a building is so much more than just a collection of walls under a single roof. At Southwest, we believe an innovative, exceptional, thoughtfully designed building can inspire great things to happen inside and around it. That’s why we construct and maintain the highest quality buildings for the communities we invest in. And we expect more from our people; we encourage deep thinking, and stepping outside of the box to help to contribute to our higher standard.

CUNARD – Early Release of Pinnacle Suites
Our strategy for this marketing campaign was an “early tease” in the marketplace to test the interest for our largest suite offering and the price point of the “Pinnacle Suites” being offered in the new residential development under construction – CUNARD on the Halifax waterfront.

During the pandemic, Nova Scotia was portrayed as one of the safest places in Canada to live. Knowing this, people living in other parts of the country were considering migrant lifestyle, choosing to move east either due to a connection or just moving ‘back home’.

Tourism Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Business Inc. and Development Nova Scotia joined forces in the summer of 2021 to promote living in Nova Scotia. Promoting to “Live Work” here because “ if you can now work from anywhere, why not work from here – Halifax, Nova Scotia.”*

With the new CUNARD mixed-use development at early stages of construction, Southwest saw an opportunity to leverage provincial campaigns by layering our own online advertising campaign to garner interest in larger “Pinnacle Suites” in CUNARD.

The “Pinnacle Suites” in CUNARD offer the best location and views ( in Halifax ) and in building. These premium Pinnacle Suites provide larger square footage +/- @1,600 sf and higher elements of décor touches and appliances. These are larger spaces for an audience that are downsizing from single detached, have a secondary home, will work from home, or may have a family member coming back or live with them for a period of time. The rental price point of these suites are premium.

Our strategy was to go early into the marketplace to secure intents to pre-lease in the project that has an early 2024 expected completion date. We wanted to go out early to secure interest for the larger suites – yet without fatiguing the other interest groups.

This was a teaser campaign to generate interest in a new multi-residential building under construction in Halifax.

This marketing campaign was a short two-month online targeted advertising campaign – one month concentrated in Western Canada, the following month Eastern Canada. It also included a print ad purchase with full page ads in EDIT magazine for Atlantic Canada market. The local market promotion was strictly from hoarding signage around the construction site.

The online placement complimented the timing of other provincial tourism & governments ads were taking place to tweak the interest of Haligonians or people with connections to Nova Scotia to move here.

The platforms and channels used for this CUNARD Pinnacle Suites teaser campaign included:

• Online facebook / instagram target ads.
• Google ad words
• An Atlantic Canadian full page print ad in EDIT magazine Summer / Fall edition
• Online ads on EDIT online magazine platform
• Construction site hoarding panels to direct to micro site / webpage
• Development of high-end 3-D static and walk thru renderings to leverage interest
• Development of a microsite / landing page to capture online leads from ads / print ads
• SITE >
• Lead Capture for follow-up
• Also used an online presentation tool to use via individual zoom meetings or some in person appointments to convert interest

Zoom platform was used as the main platform for presentations and for securing pre-leasing intents.

The metrics used to measure the effectiveness of the campaign:

• Lead capture for CUNARD’s Pinnacle Suites resulted in 134 specifically for Pinnacle Suites
• Lead capture for CUNARD in general – over 1,200 prospects for other suite types
• Between campaign launch in June – September we conducted 103 online presentations with prospects

The results of the campaign resulted in all 23 Pinnacle Suites having Letters of Intents to move to a residential lease. There was an extremely positive ROI – meaning that our total returns on the projected committed in the project is greater than any associated costs to capture the highend, long term residents for these suites. The interest and buzz in the marketplace continues for CUNARD

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