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Company Name: CAPREIT
Employee Name: Khalil Parker
Job Title: Operations Manager
Work Location: Stonecrest Village, 76Place, The Madison, The Sterling, Harbourview
Years with Current Employer: 7, Number of Direct Reports: 7
Nominator Name: Jennifer Bateman
Email:, Phone: 902-401-4619
In the space provided, highlight why this employee is deserving of this award. Describe a property or workplace challenge the nominee confronted and overcame? What was the outcome? Describe a situation where the nominee went beyond their job description to enhance residents living experience? Demonstrated leadership qualities? Promotes workplace diversity?

Khalil Parker exemplifies exceptional leadership, dedication, and a hands-on approach to property management that truly sets him apart as a deserving candidate for the IPOANS Property Manager of the Year Award.

Throughout the challenges posed by Hurricane Lee, the devastating wildfires affecting our Bedford Properties, and an unexpected flooding event in July 2023, Khalil’s unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of residents was highly responsive and impactful, while at the same time empathetic with our residents. He was the first on the ground following these events, ensuring that residents and buildings were secure and safe. Khalil’s quick thinking and proactive measures were pivotal in executing a safe evacuation of both properties during the wildfires, demonstrating his exceptional crisis management skills. He was also able to facilitate crisis communication support, ensuring he had extra reinforcements to assist in messaging and the communication requirements of a fluid and changing situation.
During times of crisis, like Hurricane Lee, Khalil’s patience and leadership truly shines. His ability to remain calm under pressure and make swift, informed decisions has been crucial in ensuring the safety and security of residents. Khalil leads by example, inspiring his team to rise to the occasion and handle challenges with professionalism and efficiency.

What truly distinguishes Khalil is his relatability and hands-on approach to managing his team and addressing resident concerns. Residents often commend Khalil for his approachability and genuine concern for their well-being. He fosters a sense of community within the properties he manages, making residents feel heard and valued, especially in times of crisis.

Khalil’s hands-on leadership style is evident in his day-to-day interactions with his team. He is not one to manage from afar, instead, he actively engages with his leasing team and maintenance staff, addressing issues promptly and ensuring that properties are well-maintained and safe for residents. He has consistently maintained high profitability of his communities and kept vacancy at a maximum of 0.6% throughout 2023 in his diverse portfolio. With strong leadership, financial stability, and a hands-on approach to tackling problems, his team appreciates the mentorship he provides.

Beyond the responsibilities of property management, Khalil goes above and beyond to engage with the community and provide support when needed. Whether organizing community events, or simply lending a listening ear to residents’ concerns, Khalil consistently demonstrates his commitment to fostering a thriving and inclusive community.
This has reflected in high satisfaction scores through CAPREIT’s maintenance statistics and 2023 National Resident Satisfaction Survey Results:

Maintenance Statistics

87% recommend CAPREIT based on maintenance performance.
90.6% are happy with the CAPREIT maintenance service provided.
86.10% registration on CAPREIT’s Resident Portal – representing a high level of connectiveness with the community.

2023 National Resident Satisfaction Survey Results

Net Promoter Score – 8% higher than the corporate average
Accountability – 3% higher than the national average
Customer Service – 3% higher than the national average
Professionalism – 5% higher than the national average
Respect for Resident – 4% higher than the national average
Communication – 3% higher than the national average
Maintenance Staff Performance – 7% higher than the national average
Office & Leasing Staff Performance – 2% higher than the national average

Structural Issues

One significant challenge that Khalil confronted head-on in 2023 was his instrumental role in addressing structural concerns that arose at a newly acquired property. Khalil’s meticulous attention to detail and proactive approach played a crucial role in identifying these issues early on, as well as contributing to the ongoing project of rehabilitation and resident support work, crucial to once again righting this community.

Khalil took immediate action upon his initial assessment of the issue. He has worked closely with our technical services team to conduct thorough investigations and has remained the key point person at the property for escalations and day-to-day management of this issue. By collaborating with the appropriate authorities, the vendors, and senior management within CAPREIT, Khalil has been facilitating the implementation of necessary repairs and reinforcements as well as the overall project management necessary to see this massive undertaking to its successful conclusion. As a result, the outcome will not only be a safer and more secure building for its residents because of Khalil’s proactive approach to property management, but a community that trusts its housing provider to be transparent and address important issues in the community – even under the most difficult circumstances.

Khalil’s proactive approach extended beyond the immediate repairs. He implemented robust measures to identify similar issues, working closely with engineers and contractors to fortify the building against similar challenges. This forward-thinking approach not only resulted in a smooth restoration process but safeguarded this community against any recurring issues.

HVAC System Challenges

With new developments, especially those purchased shortly after occupancy, challenges often arrive within the building envelope. At two new developments, the HVAC systems would prove to be challenging from a maintenance as well as a resident experience perspective. CAPREIT had purchased both buildings with identical heating systems, which were experiencing persistent issues.

Recognizing the impact of these HVAC failures on resident comfort and satisfaction, Khalil took proactive measures to address the situation. He diligently escalated the matter, bringing in additional resources and support services and experts to assess the system’s performance.

With heating and cooling issues often of the most concern to resident satisfaction, Khalil’s dedication to resolving these challenges was evident in his regular, consistent, and extensive communication with residents through CAPREIT’s Resident Portal, lessening frustration, and complaints by demonstrating CAPREIT’s willingness to address these issues head-on. He also conducted one-on-one meetings with residents and listened attentively to their concerns, providing updates on the progress of repairs, building trust and confidence with residents.

Through Khalil’s leadership and effective coordination, a comprehensive plan was developed to upgrade and optimize the HVAC systems at both properties. This plan is set to resolve the immediate issues and also ensure a more efficient and reliable heating system for residents in the long term .

The outcome of Khalil’s efforts was twofold. Residents experienced improved comfort and reliability in their heating systems, and CAPREIT achieved long-term cost savings through the enhanced efficiency of the HVAC upgrades.

Khalil ‘s ability to confront and overcome property and workplace challenges demonstrates his exceptional leadership and dedication to ensuring the well-being of residents and supporting his team through these challenges.

From discovering and addressing structural concerns to diligently resolving HVAC system failures, Khalil’s proactive approach and effective problem-solving have significantly enhanced the quality of living for residents.

Khalil ‘s commitment to enhancing residents’ living experience extends far beyond the boundaries of his job description.
In response to persistent HVAC system failures that were affecting resident comfort and satisfaction, Khalil is always on site providing exceptional after-hours support. Knowing the importance of visibility in times of dissatisfaction, Khalil is a constant presence in his community, reminding residents that he addresses their concerns head-on.

Many evenings, long after regular business hours had ended, Khalil could be found on-site when issues have arisen, tirelessly working to troubleshoot and address the HVAC challenges.

His willingness to sacrifice personal time and dedicate countless hours to resolve these issues exemplifies his unwavering commitment to resident satisfaction.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation and the impact it has on residents’ daily lives, Khalil always goes the extra mile to ensure swift resolution or that an action plan is communicated to all affected parties.
A resident provided their experience with Khalil saying, “… Khalil is always there to provide solution if any issue arises .”
In addition to his after-hours efforts, Khalil consistently demonstrates his dedication by being one of the first to arrive at properties to support his teams. When emergencies arise or maintenance needs require immediate attention, Khalil is there, leading by example and showing unwavering support for his staff.

His proactive approach ensures that his teams have the guidance and resources they need to tackle challenges effectively. Khalil’s presence on-site provides reassurance to staff and residents, demonstrating his hands-on leadership style and genuine concern for the well-being of the community. Khalil personally inspects properties, assesses maintenance needs, and coordinates with his teams to develop efficient solutions.

Residents and staff appreciate Khalil’s proactive and responsive approach to property management. His ability to swiftly address issues and provide support fosters a sense of trust and confidence within the community and ensures that one of our values to be ‘the best place to live’ for CAPREIT residents in honoured and executed well in the Halifax communities he serves.

In the space provided, describe a program or programs the nominee implemented that resulted in operation cost savings while enhancing resident services.

Khalil’s strategic vision and proactive approach to property management were exemplified through the successful implementation of the Harbourview Apartments Sealant Project. This innovative project resulted in substantial operation cost savings and significantly enhanced resident services and comfort.

As a 52-year-old building, CAPREIT’s Harbourview Apartments property faced a persistent challenge of leaks affecting multiple units. Khalil took a meticulous approach to this issue by personally tracking and identifying each unit experiencing leaks. Instead of opting for traditional one-by-one repairs, which can be costly and inconvenient to our residents, Khalil investigated further and recognized a larger underlying issue that required a comprehensive solution.

By opting for this approach, Khalil ensured that all affected areas were thoroughly treated, preventing future leaks and water intrusion.
Additionally, Khalil recognized the opportunity to optimize resources by incorporating a power wash of the building as part of the project. This not only enhanced the effectiveness of the sealant application but also revitalized the building’s appearance, while minimizing the impact to residents.
This project was a cost-effective alternative to the initially planned painting or cladding of the building.

Khalil’s Harbourview Apartments Sealant Project stands as a testament to his innovative thinking, strategic planning, attention to detail, and dedication to enhancing resident services while achieving operation cost savings. This program resolved a longstanding issue at the property and showcased Khalil’s ability to implement impactful initiatives that benefit CAPREIT and its residents.

In addition to his exceptional operational management skills, Khalil is a strong advocate for workplace diversity and inclusivity. As a BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of colour), he recognizes the value of diverse perspectives and experiences, actively promoting a culture of respect and equality within his team.

Khalil ensures that all voices are heard and valued, creating an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel welcome and empowered. By fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance, he cultivates a team dynamic that thrives on collaboration and innovation.

Moreover, Khalil takes proactive steps to promote diversity in hiring practices, seeking out talent from diverse backgrounds to join the team.

Khalil’s commitment to workplace diversity is evident in his hiring practices and in his daily interactions. He encourages open dialogue and celebrates the unique perspectives that each team member brings to the table, creating an environment where everyone can reach their full potential. While hiring is an internal CAPREIT concern, it impacts residents when they see representation in CAPREIT offices that reflects them and their living experiences. With many students and new Canadians renting in our communities, it has been an important facet of the service that Khalil and his team provide in his communities.

CAPREIT is proud to nominate Khalil as Property Manager of the Year for his exemplary year of service and performance.

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Company Name: Cousins Realty
Employee Name: Donna Burgess
Job Title: Property Manager
Work Location: Unit 100, 110 Greenpark Close
Years with Current Employer: 15, Number of Direct Reports: 9
Nominator Name: Jo-ann Kanellakos/Matina Clarke
Email:, Phone: 9022333598
In the space provided, highlight why this employee is deserving of this award. Describe a property or workplace challenge the nominee confronted and overcame? What was the outcome? Describe a situation where the nominee went beyond their job description to enhance residents living experience? Demonstrated leadership qualities? Promotes workplace diversity?

It’s with great pleasure that we write to you today to nominate Donna Burgess for Property Manager of the year. We believe that Donna is the best choice for this award because she consistently displays company values of honesty and integrity. She has fostered an environment of cooperation that extends from owners, superintendents, tenants and contractors. Her dedication and hard work coupled with her focus on continuously learning
& developing best practices has resulted in our properties being managed both efficiently & effectively. During Covid 19 there was an unfortunate incident that occurred at one of our properties, this incident created a lot of fear and unease among tenants. Donna went above and beyond to reassure tenants safety by spending time with each individual tenant. We highly recommend our nominee for the Property Manager of the year. She is motivated, positively engaged and serves as a true inspiration to our company, Cousins Realty!

In the space provided, describe a program or programs the nominee implemented that resulted in operation cost savings while enhancing resident services.

She reviewed property maintenance practices to streamline services without sacrificing quality; Donna has improved work life balance for our Superintendents.

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Company Name: Hazelview Properties
Employee Name: Joanne Hamm
Job Title: Property Manager
Work Location: 41 Cowie Hill, Halifax
Years with Current Employer: 11 years (excluding 2 sabbaticals for personal reasons), Number of Direct Reports: 7
Nominator Name: Atiya Khan
Email:, Phone: 6476190211
In the space provided, highlight why this employee is deserving of this award. Describe a property or workplace challenge the nominee confronted and overcame? What was the outcome? Describe a situation where the nominee went beyond their job description to enhance residents living experience? Demonstrated leadership qualities? Promotes workplace diversity?

We are thrilled to nominate Joanne Hamm for the prestigious title of Property Manager of the Year. Since joining our team in 2010, Joanne has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and hard work, particularly shining in 2023.

With oversight of our extensive portfolio of 853 rental suites across Halifax, Joanne went above and beyond expectations by seamlessly filling critical staffing gaps. During a period when both our Regional Manager and Regional Maintenance Manager were on a 3-month sabbatical, Joanne not only maintained operations but also provided invaluable support by training and integrating new hires. She also mentored seasoned team members facing challenges, fostering a more cohesive and efficient workforce.

Additionally, Joanne admirably assumed extra responsibilities during a colleague’s six-month medical leave, effectively balancing new managerial duties with her regular tasks.

Beyond her exemplary performance, Joanne has been instrumental in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within our team. Under her leadership, her team achieved a 100% completion rate in comprehensive DEI training, fostering an inclusive environment where all team members feel valued and respected. She excels at integrating team members whose first language is not English, ensuring they feel appreciated and valued in the workplace. Joanne’s dedication extends to cultivating a diverse Hazelview community, particularly through her leasing activities. Her efforts align perfectly with the increasing diversity in our local communities.

In addition, all properties managed by Joanne boast an impressive average Google My Business (GMB) rating of 4.34, further exemplifying our commitment to excellence and resident satisfaction in the Halifax region

Recognized internally with the prestigious BRAVO award, Joanne’s passion and commitment make her an invaluable asset to our team. The Hazelview Properties BRAVO Award is a quarterly recognition program where team members are recognized for providing extraordinary service to residents and exemplifying our company’s core values. With an impressive 84% satisfaction rate among prospects and residents, Joanne’s efforts have had a positive impact making Nova Scotia region consistently rank among Hazelview’s top performers.

Resident testimonials speak volumes about Joanne’s exceptional service and dedication:

• “Beautiful building, friendly and caring staff. A wonderful place to live.”
• “The office manager goes above and beyond to be helpful. Very happy we found this apartment.”
• “Joanne goes above and beyond as property managers. Highly recommend moving here.”
• “I feel blessed to have such a safe, clean, and beautiful home. Much respect and gratitude to the management and staff.”

In summary, Joanne’s outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment make her the epitome of a best-in-class Property Manager.

In the space provided, describe a program or programs the nominee implemented that resulted in operation cost savings while enhancing resident services.

In response to the challenges posed by 2023, Joanne demonstrated exceptional leadership and resourcefulness by taking on new responsibilities while maintaining our properties’ operational efficiency. Notably, Joanne’s initiatives not only ensured smooth operations but also generated significant cost savings without compromising service quality, as evidenced by budget performance and customer satisfaction ratings.

Since the spring of 2023, Joanne has been dedicated to advancing Hazelview’s sustainability efforts and reducing the environmental impact of our property maintenance practices. Her proactive approach focused on identifying opportunities to replace conventional cleaning products and materials with eco-friendly alternatives, thereby reducing costs and minimizing our ecological footprint.

Joanne’s sustainability initiatives included:

1. Transitioning from disposable paper towels to reusable rags made from recycled cotton shirts, reducing waste and material costs.
2. Introducing carbon cloths for cleaning various surfaces, eliminating the need for chemical cleaning products like Windex or stainless-steel cleaner.
3. Phasing out single-use cleaning tools such as Swiffers in favor of reusable cloths, further reducing consumable costs.
4. Implementing bagless vacuum cleaners across the portfolio, reducing the recurring expense of bag replacements and promoting waste reduction.

These strategic changes led to remarkable results, with Joanne contributing to a remarkable 42% reduction in cleaning costs ($5,000) across the portfolio while simultaneously advancing our sustainability objectives. Her initiatives exemplify Hazelview’s commitment to responsible property management and environmental stewardship. We believe that the environmental impact of chemicals and consumables outweighs the financial savings, and it’s encouraging that many of the implemented initiatives are continuing into 2024.

We believe Joanne’s efforts epitomize excellence in operational efficiency and sustainability, making her a deserving candidate for recognition in this esteemed awards program.

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Company Logo:

Company Name: Horizon Court Properties
Employee Name: Ursula Prossegger
Job Title: Property Manager/ President
Work Location: Urchin Property Management Inc. (and Horizon Court Properties) 202-17 Prince Street Dartmouth NS B2Y 4W2
Years with Current Employer: 20, Number of Direct Reports: 27
Nominator Name: Theresa Giles
Email:, Phone: 902-466-6500
In the space provided, highlight why this employee is deserving of this award. Describe a property or workplace challenge the nominee confronted and overcame? What was the outcome? Describe a situation where the nominee went beyond their job description to enhance residents living experience? Demonstrated leadership qualities? Promotes workplace diversity?

Ursula Prossegger is the President of Urchin Property Management Inc., which is a family-owned property management company located in downtown Dartmouth. In May of 2023, a lot changed for Ursula. She accepted the role of lead property manager at Horizon Court Properties after the company suffered a loss of their own Property Manager. Ursula’s dedication to her role as President of Urchin Property Management Inc. and her additional responsibilities as the lead property manager at Horizon Court Properties exemplifies her leadership and commitment to excellence. Overseeing a combined total of over 1000 rental units across 70 properties is no small task, and Ursula’s proactive approach to managing both companies has created impressive results. This was one of the largest workplace challenges that Ursula has encountered in her career as a property manager.

Working with new employees, new contractors, and new tenants Ursula dove in headfirst. At Horizon Court Properties, she has incorporated a new property management software (Buildium) that increased the efficiency of tenant & maintenance requests, completely re-organized the accounting department after the retirement of their long-time accountant, and digitized all tenant files/profiles. A new maintenance schedule was implemented to address issues before they escalate, resulting in fewer emergency repairs. The maintenance staff improved their skills and efficiency, leading to faster response times and higher-quality repairs. Ursula has fostered positive relationships with the maintenance staff/team through effective communication and responsiveness, which has resulted in improved response times to tenants’ requests. She has on going collaborations with the Horizon Court Properties owner to develop long-term maintenance plans and budgets, ensuring the continued upkeep and value of the properties. Ursula has encouraged and supported the employees to take part in field specific training (seminars, courses etc.) to facilitate enhanced tenant-landlord relationships. In order to maximize transparency in team communication, Ursula engages in frequent meetings with the Horizon Court Properties team to create new company policies and individual job descriptions.

Beyond her professional achievements, Ursula’s active involvement in advocating for the downtown Dartmouth community as well as her participation in affordable housing initiatives and tenant-landlord rights through IPOANS showcase her dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realm of property management.

Ursula’s recognition as a two-time nominee for the RBC Women Entrepreneur Award (2023 & 2024) and her involvement in the new development project planned with Horizon Court Properties further underscore her influence and leadership in the industry.

Ursula’s employees at both Urchin and Horizon undoubtedly appreciate her leadership, dedication, and the positive impact she has had on their professional lives. She is truly deserving of the admiration and recognition she receives from her team and community.

In the space provided, describe a program or programs the nominee implemented that resulted in operation cost savings while enhancing resident services.

Ursula Prossegger has had transformative impact at Horizon Court Properties. She has had a massive impact on the maintenance department by implementing a system that efficiently filters and processes requests, effectively averting escalations. Her financial planning has resulted in the creation of a new budgeting plan, ensuring appropriate allocation of resources.

Additionally, Ursula’s initiatives extend to enhancing tenant amenities, such as installing modern laundry facilities with card-operated services, improving convenience for residents. She also recognizes the importance of building security and safety which led to immense updates to fire safety and security measures, including new entry access systems and camera surveillance across all Horizon buildings.

Furthermore, Ursula’s commitment to modernizing operations is reflected in her efforts to digitize tenant files and documents, facilitating easy access and organization. Additionally, she addressed parking and traffic management concerns through hiring a parking enforcement team to oversee all parking and private roads within the properties.

Overall, Ursula’s proactive approach and strategic initiatives have not only optimized operations but also significantly enhanced the living experience for tenants at Horizon Court Properties. Her leadership continues to drive positive change and innovation across all areas of the companies.

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Company Name: Killam Apartment REIT
Employee Name: Alla Turgeon
Job Title: Property Manager
Work Location: Halifax
Years with Current Employer: 9 years, Number of Direct Reports: 22
Nominator Name: Megan Phillips (on behalf of Killam Management Team)
Email:, Phone: 902-701-0555
In the space provided, highlight why this employee is deserving of this award. Describe a property or workplace challenge the nominee confronted and overcame? What was the outcome? Describe a situation where the nominee went beyond their job description to enhance residents living experience? Demonstrated leadership qualities? Promotes workplace diversity?

Killam is pleased to nominate Alla Turgeon for the “Property Manager of the Year” award. Alla has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities, dedication, and a commitment to enhancing the living experience for residents under her care.
One of the key reasons Alla is deserving of this award is her exemplary leadership with her team. She leads by example, tackling tough challenges head-on and ensuring that her team is not just successful but also empowered to grow alongside her. In 2023 Alla’s building portfolio doubled to over 1000 units, in the face of this new challenge Alla has not only expanded her own knowledge in Property Management but has also taken on a mentorship role with an Assistant Property Manager (Jordan). With Alla’s support, guidance, and direct training Jordan has grown from an onsite Resident Manager into a team leader and has successfully taken on his own growing portfolio.

Somehow, she also found time to take on the role of co-chair of Killam’s Nova Scotia Health and Safety committee, demonstrating her commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for the broader Killam team.

Alla’s considerate and thoughtful approach is evident in every aspect of her work. She maintains an open mindset, willing to learn from both experienced professionals and her own team members. Her ability to see the good in people and encourage others to do the same has created a positive and inclusive work environment, even during challenging situations.

Beyond her job description, Alla goes the extra mile to enhance residents’ living experiences. She organizes both tenant and team events throughout the year with enthusiasm, actively listens to tenants’ concerns, and ensures that all communications are handled with integrity, empathy, and transparency. Her dedication to the well-being of tenants is commendable, and her buildings are managed with precision and care under her leadership.

Alla’s innovative approach was recently demonstrated when she redeveloped an underutilized storage area at our property on Olivet Street, turning it into a vibrant community room for tenants. She took the initiative to review survey results to ensure that what Killam was building would be a good fit for the tenancy, showcasing her attention to detail and commitment to meeting tenants’ needs. Alla shares with her team and residents her love of gardening and growing vegetables, she has fostered community garden committees led by both residents and Killam staff at three different properties – the newest at Quinpool Tower in 2023. This initiative not only promotes sustainability but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration among residents and Killam team members.

Alla truly exemplifies the core values of Killam Apartment REIT and IPOANS. Her leadership, dedication to continuous improvement, commitment to promoting workplace diversity, and efforts in fostering community make her an exceptional candidate for the “Property Manager of the Year” award.

Thank you for considering Alla for this well-deserved recognition.

In the space provided, describe a program or programs the nominee implemented that resulted in operation cost savings while enhancing resident services.

Alla identified a common issue where units at the top of the building were too hot, while those at the bottom were too cold due to the lack of direct control over heating by tenants. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and balanced heating system, Alla collaborated with our operations team to implement a solution using temperature sensors throughout the building.

The new system takes direct feedback from these sensors to more accurately balance the heat distribution, ensuring that units on the top floor are no longer uncomfortably warm and those at the bottom are no longer excessively cold. By leveraging sensor feedback to fine-tune heating levels, we have achieved better control over our boilers, ensuring they operate efficiently and fully condense, further contributing to energy savings and sustainability goals. This optimization not only improved resident comfort but also led to a remarkable 20% reduction in energy consumption.

Alla was also instrumental in Killam’s partnership with the Certified Rental Building Program (CRBP) which launched in Nova Scotia in 2023. Alla not only certified three of her portfolio communities in 2023 – the first ones in Nova Scotia – but has remained active as a champion of the program internally as Killam expands our participation in the CRBP Program rollout into 2024. This participation and certification is instrumental in prioritizing that our properties have the best operating and healthy living standards.

These programs exemplify Alla’s proactive and engaged approach to addressing operational challenges while prioritizing resident comfort and environmental sustainability. Her leadership in implementing innovative solutions that deliver tangible cost savings and improved services underscores her exceptional contributions as a property manager.

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Company Name: Southwest Properties
Employee Name: Donna Ament
Job Title: Property Manager
Work Location: Halifax
Years with Current Employer: 15+, Number of Direct Reports: 28
Nominator Name: Jennifer Poirier
Email:, Phone: 902.818.8599
In the space provided, highlight why this employee is deserving of this award. Describe a property or workplace challenge the nominee confronted and overcame? What was the outcome? Describe a situation where the nominee went beyond their job description to enhance residents living experience? Demonstrated leadership qualities? Promotes workplace diversity?

Southwest Properties would like to nominate Donna Ament for this year’s Property Manager of the Year. Donna is a prime example of an employee who displays excellence in her role and goes above and beyond the call of duty.

She has the largest residential portfolio in the company and manages an extensive team plus a diverse portfolio of building types and a broad range of residential demographics.

She always displayed professionalism. Dealing with stressful day-to-day responsibilities of working with the site team members, contractors, and residents to ensure daily seamless operations of her extensive portfolio. Collaboration and being calm has been the key to Donna’s success. She holds quarterly Resident Manager meetings to ensure that there is always consistency with operational and customer service standards across the portfolio.

She has solid decision-making skills– knowing the boundaries of making ‘things happen’ to ensure customer happiness and understanding operational efficiencies at the same time.

Her role is diverse from staff management, budgets and building operations including HVAC, plumbing and electrical. She is knowledgeable in all areas but also collaborative, knowing when to pull in the ‘experts’ in their field to assist her team. Her main objective is always to ensure the Southwest has happy customers and that the buildings are running efficiency.

She is conscientious and understanding of the important aspect for the success of her employees and their buildings. Donna respects her colleagues and employees and exudes a professional confidence & leadership manner in a very modest, unboastful manner. We believe she is deserving of Property Manager of the year.

In the space provided, describe a program or programs the nominee implemented that resulted in operation cost savings while enhancing resident services.

Donna has contributed in many ways to the success of the company. She manages a portfolio of 28 buildings, comprised of 1,085 suites and oversees a team of resident managers and maintenance specialists. A major achievement and accomplishment for Donna has been her leadership between the two divisions to ensure apartment turns are complement on time and that apartment upgrades and improvements are continuously happening to ensure our residential product keeps up with the marketplace offering. With providing guidance to her team, they have converted interior spaces that are modern, efficiency and within or under budget. These inhouse conversions have been a tremendous asset for the company.

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Company Name: Universal Realty Group
Employee Name: Tammy Holland
Job Title: Manager, Residential
Work Location: Halifax, NS
Years with Current Employer: Over Twenty Years, Number of Direct Reports: 6
Nominator Name: Tanisha Wilson
Email:, Phone: 9028023226
In the space provided, highlight why this employee is deserving of this award. Describe a property or workplace challenge the nominee confronted and overcame? What was the outcome? Describe a situation where the nominee went beyond their job description to enhance residents living experience? Demonstrated leadership qualities? Promotes workplace diversity?

Dear IPOANS Nomination Committee:
I am thrilled to nominate Tammy Holland for the Property Manager of the Year Award. Tammy’s dedication, exceptional leadership, and commitment to enhancing the living experience for our residents make her an outstanding candidate for this recognition.

Tammy consistently goes above and beyond her job description to enhance the residents’ living experience. She has implemented various programs aimed at fostering a sense of community and belonging within our properties. Whether organizing social events like resident BBQ’s, seasonal crafts that bring all residents of all ages together, implementing feedback mechanisms, or introducing amenities tailored to residents’ needs, Tammy continuously seeks innovative ways to elevate the overall quality of life for our residents.

Furthermore, Tammy demonstrates exemplary leadership qualities on a daily basis. Her ability to inspire and motivate her team to deliver exceptional service sets her apart. She leads by example, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment where every team member feels valued and empowered to contribute their best. Tammy recognizes the strengths of her team members and encourages them to excel, whether by assigning them to special projects, acknowledging their contributions through rewards and recognition, or promoting when fit.

In terms of operational excellence, Tammy consistently analyses existing processes and implements solutions without compromising the quality of resident services. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, Tammy has successfully streamlined operations, allowing us to allocate resources more efficiently and effectively meet the evolving needs of our residents.

In conclusion, Tammy Holland is more than deserving of the Property Manager of the Year Award. Her unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership, and innovative approach to enhancing resident living experiences make her an invaluable asset to our team. I wholeheartedly endorse her nomination and believe she exemplifies the qualities this award seeks to honor.

In the space provided, describe a program or programs the nominee implemented that resulted in operation cost savings while enhancing resident services.

As a valued team member of Universal Realty Group, Tammy is dedicated to building excellence by fostering genuine community spirit and creating living spaces where residents can thrive. She consistently seeks innovative and efficient solutions that enhance resident services. Tammy has played a key role in implementing purchase programs with various vendors, resulting in substantial savings on essential supplies and services resulting in expanded amenities across the residential portfolio. Her exceptional negotiation skills and strong business relationships are instrumental for the success of improvement strategies.

In addition, Tammy has spearheaded the development of an in-house maintenance program, effectively utilizing our employees’ skills and talents for projects such as painting, maintenance, and carpentry. This program has significantly reduced operational costs while ensuring consistency in resident services. By leveraging internal resources, Tammy has improved project timelines, enabling swift repairs and fixes to meet residents’ needs promptly. Her proactive approach has positively impacted the overall resident experience.

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