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Supplier Name: Progressive Cabinets
Contact Person: Megan Phillips (on behalf of Killam Management Team)
Email:, Phone: 902-701-0555
In the space provided, highlight why this supplier is deserving of this award. Include the company mandate, mission statement and corporate values.

Progressive Cabinets is highly deserving of this award because they are a local company, employing a dedicated team of customer service staff, manufacturers, and installers. They have strong core values and are a family-owned and family-focused business. It is clear when working with them that they are committed to providing high-quality and well-designed products and are always keen to help on special projects and programs.

Working side by side with Killam on a daily basis, it is clear that they have a true team mentality. Having these shared goals has made Killam’s partnership with them the success that it is.

“We Do It Well” is their tagline, and they stand by their products and designs, always striving the do the right thing.

In the space provided, provide examples of services, products and or programs developed for members, a demonstrated commitment and involvement in IPOANS, community involvement programs and initiates in Nova Scotia. Provide links/handles to all social media platforms utilized.

Progressive Cabinets has worked with Killam since 2018. They were instrumental in establishing Killam’s Repositioning Program and have continued to manage and provide top-notch service and delivery to make the program the success that is it. Their multi-residential program has allowed for thousands of new apartment renovations to be completed on time, for new tenants across Nova Scotia, which includes hundreds of Killam Repositioning’s each year.

During COVID-19, in the face of global material and labour shortages, they put forward extra efforts to maintain production and delivery schedules, to ensure that tenants would be ready to move into their new Killam homes.

The customer service team at Progressive has gone out of their way more times to count to ensure their kitchens and bathrooms are completed on time and properly for Killam. This includes our Reps taking extra trips from the plant to the site to deliver materials, and to take the time to work with contractors and installers during tricky situations!

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Supplier Name: Wyse Meter Solutions
Contact Person: Jennifer Brown
Email:, Phone: 6474657831
In the space provided, highlight why this supplier is deserving of this award. Include the company mandate, mission statement and corporate values.

As a trusted partner to city builders across Nova Scotia, and around the country, Wyse Meter Solutions supports the sustainable development of multi-residential and commercial buildings. By embracing innovation pointed toward a decarbonized future, we provide the most advanced utility management solutions on the market, including submetering and billing, data analytics and EV charging, HVAC optimization and leak detection.
WYSE VISION: To be Canada’s leading expert in utility information, sustainability and technology solution.
WYSE MISSION: Deliver long-term value through client-focused utility insight, energy ecosystems and a dedication to service excellence and continuous innovation.

Our Beliefs
– We maintain integrity in everything we do.
– We are committed to a sustainable future.
– We strive for excellence.

Our Stakeholders
– We are responsive to our stakeholders.
– We understand our stakeholders’ goals and innovate solutions to meet them.
– We provide our stakeholders with consistent, clear communication.

Our Team
– Our people are industry leaders.
– We foster a positive team environment where we work as one toward team goals.
– We encourage the pursuit of continual career growth and development.
– Our priority is ensuring a safe work environment.

In the space provided, provide examples of services, products and or programs developed for members, a demonstrated commitment and involvement in IPOANS, community involvement programs and initiates in Nova Scotia. Provide links/handles to all social media platforms utilized.

Wyse exemplifies the spirit of this IPOANS Award by delivering “members service excellence, enhanced value and increased savings” by embracing and advocating a triple-bottom line approach to sustainability within the city building industry, with equal parts commitment to environmental, social, and financial responsibilities. We are one of the only providers in Nova Scotia offering a holistic solution, with systems that integrate easily into existing building infrastructure and systems, with all services billed on a single bill.
Environmental. Under the umbrella of our ENERGY ECOSYSTEM program, Wyse has pioneered a series of next-gen solutions to help property owners achieve their efforts to reach net carbon zero. Driven equally by conservation-conscious consumers, budget-focused property managers, and all parties who want to do what is best for the planet, our triple-bottom line solutions incorporate advances in hardware, software, and data analytics to advance a sustainable agenda.
Social. Wyse believes that every successful life’s journey starts with a safe place to call home. As such, our community service vision focuses on dedicating time, talent, and financial support towards helping those who do so much for our communities at the grassroots level, often on the tightest of budgets.
The Wyse Helping Homes program is an employee-driven initiative that serves as a reminder of our commitment to the people of the communities we live, work, and operate in – and to the kind of society we hope to help build for us all. As part of that initiative, Wyse continued its support of Shelter Nova Scotia with a $750 donation.
Additionally, Wyse loves to promote the beauty, treasures, and fun to be had in local communities whenever we can. That’s why we enjoyed sponsoring colleagues from across the industry at CFAA on a cruise of the Halifax Harbour along the scenic Northwest Arm, taking in the coastal beauty, the luxurious waterfront homes, and some incredible sights.
Financial. Our utilities submetering technology and programs are rooted in financial responsibility, as they allow for the measurement and billing of utility consumption, including electricity, thermal, and gas, within individual suites of apartments, student housing, condominiums, and commercial spaces. Wyse provides utility billing programs designed to allow owners to bill residents for their individual in-suite utilities usage, providing budget certainty for owners while answering resident demand to control personal usage and expenses and stop subsidizing neighbours’ utility waste. We also offer in-depth utility billing consulting and analysis to help clients identify issues before they become costly problems and optimize their utility systems.

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Supplier Name: Yardi Canada Ltd.
Contact Person: Nafisa Khan
Email:, Phone: 800-866-1124
In the space provided, highlight why this supplier is deserving of this award. Include the company mandate, mission statement and corporate values.

For over 40 years, Yardi’s mandate has been to support the real estate industry through designing innovative technology, and funding associations and charities that help move the market forward. Our business practices, decisions and policies are dependent and based on our interactions with our clients and within our community. By staying true to our mission, goal and values we can continue to be an active member and tech leader in the Canadian real estate industry, as we have for the past 25 years.
Our accomplishments have enabled us to dedicate over 70% of our revenue to research, development, and customer support. In fact, our R&D has a strong Canadian influence. Our team of engineers working in the Saskatoon and Vancouver offices design and code features for some of our leading-edge solutions. One of our most recent innovations includes the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) within our applications that drive omnichannel bots, self-guided tours, and smart home integration, to help address emerging consumer needs.
Additionally, our quarterly multifamily report is a unique resource as it is the only report that analyzes vacancy rates, in-place rent growth and other industry fundamentals at the Census Metropolitan Area, provincial, national levels and by bedroom type. The report is designed to help Canadian multifamily industry professionals benchmark and measure portfolio performance, optimize property management, and identify investment opportunities.
Our philanthropic work is equally meaningful. Every year we expand our efforts and focus on giving back to Canadian charities as we believe it is vital to contribute to the health and well-being of our communities. Since 2019, we have donated over CAD $2.38M to communities where Yardi has offices in (GTHA, Saskatoon and Vancouver).
Our achievements and dedication to the real estate industry continue to be recognized on a global scale. In 2023, Yardi was named for the eighth consecutive time to the Forbes Cloud 100, a list of the world’s best private cloud companies. Overall, we can contribute our success in the real estate market to our team of experts and strong industry relationships.

In the space provided, provide examples of services, products and or programs developed for members, a demonstrated commitment and involvement in IPOANS, community involvement programs and initiates in Nova Scotia. Provide links/handles to all social media platforms utilized.

Yardi’s corporate motto embodies our dedication to taking care of our clients, employees, and communities, maintaining focus, and fostering growth. This commitment fuels our ongoing efforts to provide high-quality software solutions for small and large real estate owners. We are proud to serve over 60 real estate businesses in Atlantic Canada, managing 70,000 units and 45 million square feet of commercial space.

Partnerships and Innovation Drive Success
Our commitment to building strong partnerships is exemplified by our collaboration with Killam Apartment REIT, a leading owner-manager, to refine our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Their insights helped us enhance the tool’s ability to present relevant data and reports, paving the way for data-driven decision-making and effective marketing resource allocation. Killam, one of our first Canadian CRM clients, also benefited from our technology during the pandemic. Their teams were able to transition seamlessly to remote work, even expanding their leasing team while others faced layoffs.

Future-Proofing Technology for the Industry
Our focus extends beyond immediate needs, driving the development of future-proof technology and initiatives that anticipate industry-wide shifts. Our AI-powered ID verification tool launched in 2023 exemplifies this commitment, alongside our smartbot leveraging machine learning to shape the future of Canadian real estate. This unique bot “learns” from interactions, enhancing its responses, holding natural conversations, and identifying unanswered questions. Clients can then train the bot to find similar answers in the future. Notably, one client used the bot to handle 19,000 conversations within a three-month period, saving 3,800 hours for their teams while generating 47% of potential leads after hours and leading 63% of them to convert after property tours.

Empowering Businesses in a Changing Landscape
Facing potential recessions and service gaps, businesses leveraging our technology are well-equipped to address labour constraints, enhance customer experience, expedite the leasing process, and reduce operating costs. Additionally, they can effectively engage with Gen Z, the future renters and workforce.

Promoting Transparency in the Rental Market
Yardi’s dedication to transparency is evident in our free quarterly national multifamily report. This report goes beyond traditional data by providing insights into in-place rents, lease-over-lease growth, vacancy rates, and quarterly turnover percentages. Sharing such data, rarely offered publicly, sheds light on critical issues like affordable housing access and data availability. We believe transparency is crucial to informing solutions that address these concerns and improve the lives of Canadian renters.

Supporting the Industry
Yardi proudly supports numerous real estate associations in Canada, partnering with over 30 national and regional organizations such as ARLA, CRRA, LLBA, and SKLA. We aim to ensure they have the resources to advocate for the rental housing industry and educate their members. In 2023, our funding helped facilitate nearly 200 industry events and initiatives across Canada, including conferences, seminars, and networking events.

Giving Back to the Community
As part of our commitment to giving back, Yardi launched an online registry to assist Nova Scotians displaced by wildfires. This platform connects those seeking temporary housing with individuals offering accommodation, fostering support during a time of need.

By prioritizing our clients, employees, and communities, while fostering innovation and transparency, Yardi strives to play a positive role in the Canadian real estate landscape.

“[Yardi] is having a significant impact on the performance of our portfolio. The ability to view operating and KPI performance on a real-time basis allows us to see clearly where things are going and to act quickly when things are off track. From the corporate office to the community level, [Yardi] has become our standardized source for operating and financial data across the organization. We love the tool.” Dean Holmes, Senior VP Residential Operations, QuadReal Property Group.

“Thank you, Yardi, for funding the project and enabling us to purchase and protect more than 1,450 square kilometres of Boreal Wildlands for future generations,” said Catherine Grenier, NCC’s president and CEO.

“We’re honoured that Forbes has recognized Yardi once more for our industry-leading cloud solutions. To consistently rank among these prestigious companies reflects the efforts of our employees and the tremendous support of our clients worldwide.” Jay Shobe, senior vice president of cloud services at Yardi. 

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