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Ottawa to remove GST on new rental housing, calls on cities to end exclusionary zoning: PM

LONDON, ONT. – The Liberal government is dusting off a measure it promised years ago and pulling in other parties’ proposals for cheaper groceries and more homes as it struggles to tackle affordability concerns that are top-of-mind for many Canadians.

“The promise of Canada is about every generation reaching even higher than the previous one,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday.

“Our job as a government, as a team, is to secure that promise.”

He spoke to reporters at the end of a three-day caucus retreat in London, Ont., with most of his party’s 158 MPs standing on risers in the background and clapping throughout the announcement and as Trudeau took questions from reporters.

MPs said the retreat involved frank exchanges on why the Liberals are polling at their lowest levels since taking office eight years ago.

Those polls suggest Canadians believe the Conservatives would do a better job dealing with affordability and housing concerns, while the NDP has aggressively called out corporations for the high cost of food.

Thursday’s announcements seek to address both issues. …[Continue Reading]