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Halifax rooming house to raise rent 30%, but only for tenants on income assistance

Rental increase notice originally went out to all 39 tenants, then owners changed their minds

After living in a Halifax rooming house for close to 14 years, Barry Smith came home from work one evening in June to find a troubling letter taped to his door.

The note from his new landlords said the monthly rent per room in the 29-unit house at 6273 North St. will increase to $700 per month on Aug. 1.

Smith currently pays $540 per month for his room, which includes a bed, table, sink, fridge, air fryer and microwave. His area of the building has no kitchen, and residents share a bathroom.

The new rate is nearly a 30 per cent increase for Smith. Nova Scotia currently has a rent cap in place that bans any rent increase over two per cent until December 2023. It also states rent can only be increased once per year, and four month’s notice must be given.

“It’s all money. It’s greed, that’s all it comes down to. They want more money for it,” Smith said. …[Read More]