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Nova Scotia government being led astray by developers, Halifax councillors say

Mayor begs housing minister for provincial land for homeless people this winter: ‘We need it in the worst possible way.”

Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Lohr was in the hot seat on Tuesday as councillors called his Bill 225 “not democratic,” and an unprecedented overreach.

Lohr said HRM is moving too slow in greenlighting housing developments.

“I have no pleasure at being at odds with you but if necessary, I will be,” Lohr warned Halifax regional council. “But I don’t think that will be necessary.”

Councillors responded with their frustrations over being steamrolled by Bill 225 and left in the dark.

“We need the province as a partner, not a distant boss dictating solutions without all the information,” said Coun. Waye Mason (Halifax South Downtown).

It was the first time Mayor Mike Savage said that a minister has appeared at council and while councillors expressed their appreciation for his appearance, they also let lose with comments and questions. …[Read More]