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Parts of Halifax are experiencing rapid growth. Can the infrastructure keep up?

As parts of Halifax continue to see rapid growth, there is growing concern about whether the infrastructure can support the increase in population.

The provincial government announced approvals this week for up to 2,060 homes in three special planning areas in Bedford West — an area that has been growing exponentially. The proposed developments, which include townhomes and apartments, have had bylaw and zoning amendments approved.

“We’re happy to see more housing, I’m happy to see more housing in my riding,” said Bedford South Liberal MLA Braedon Clark. “But I think to have 2,000 units — maybe 5,000 to 6,000 people — come in the area over the next few years, there’s a lot of infrastructure and planning that needs to go along with that, particularly schools.”

Just this year, a new pre-primary to Grade 8 school and high school opened in the area, in a bid to address overcapacity issues at nearby C.P. Allen High School.

Clark has written to the education minister for details on four new schools that the province has pledged to build somewhere in Halifax. …[Continue Reading]