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Council wants HRM’s enforcement of bad landlords to have some teeth

Councillor Waye Mason proposed the maximum fine—$10,000—for landlords who intentionally make their places suck.

At this week’s Halifax Regional Council meeting, District 7 councillor Waye Mason got a last-minute item added to the agenda, concerning HRM’s upcoming review of rental requirements. Mason asked for the review to include bylaw options for strong penalties “up to and including the maximum statutory amount”—which is $10,000—”and rapid responses to mediate any unit where in the opinion on the municipality a landlord has deliberately made the unit uninhabitable or non-compliant.”

The update, which is scheduled to come to council in April, will include revamped standards for rental accommodations and an unveiling of HRM’s plan for a mega-landlord registry. An update that takes on a new meaning after the province’s announcement of temporary rent control measures and a ban on evictions… [Read More]