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Halifax experiencing record growth, population getting younger: data

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) continues its steady increase in population, with a four per cent annual growth in 2023, a record for the city.

Statistics Canada data shows more than 492,000 residents live in Halifax, which accounts for 58 per cent of Nova Scotia’s growth.

“We’re getting younger,” said Halifax Partnership Chief Economist Ian Munro. “The share of youth — we’re defining that as age 20 to 30 arbitrarily — that share has hit a record high in records we have going back to about 2000…And the median age has gone down again. So, in that sense, Halifax is getting to be a younger city.”

Munro says records show lots of young adults moved to HRM over the past five years, and then began starting families.

“I think we’re starting to see, you know, another generation coming here,” he said. [Continue Reading]