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Halifax council would not have opted for joint panel on housing, says mayor

Mike Savage says the province has said it won’t override HRM planning bylaws, though it has the authority to do so

Concerns are being raised about a bill tabled Thursday in the legislature that will see a joint panel created to address the housing crisis in Nova Scotia’s capital city, with Halifax’s mayor saying it’s not the option council would have chosen.

The proposed legislation makes it clear the provincial government will be able to override some municipal planning bylaws, although Municipal Affairs Minister John Lohr has insisted that won’t happen.

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage is taking a wait and see approach.

“I take the minister at his word. I’ve talked to him a number of times about this,” said Savage. “This is not the route we would have preferred — we think there are other ways to do this — but at the end of the day, they have the ultimate authority… [Read More]