Residential Property Management

A 90 hour accredited NSCC curriculum designed course for Residential Property Management.

Participants will become familiar with the opportunities and challenges of residential property management and access resources and connections relevant to this field. From examining critical aspects of the Residential Tenancies Act to discussing issues with existing landlords and apartment managers, the course current with regulations and highly interactive.

First Class: September 24, 2019

Last Class: Janaury 16, 2020

Location: NSCC Akerley Campus, 21 Woodlawn Rd. Dartmouth, NS, B2W 2R7

Evenings: 6:00 – 9:00 pm, Tuesday and Thursday

Course Description and Outcomes

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Coming Fall 2019

Landlord Registry, I Rent It Right


Coming in January 2020

Residential Building Maintenance

A 90 hour two module accredited NSCC curriculum designed Residential Building Maitenance course. Both modules required for accreditation.

Module 1: Building Maintenance Fundamentals 

Course Hours: 60

Location: NSCC Akerley Campus, 21 Woodlawn Rd. Dartmouth, NS, B2W 2R7

First Class: January 2020

Evenings: Time and Days TBD

This course provides basic instruction in several trades-related skills used by building maintenance technicians and related workers to provide general and preventative services for safe, comfortable living conditions for residents of rental properties. Ranging across several fields, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical and other areas, the course provides a basic understanding of the essentials in each area as well as skills for immediate maintenance and repair. Participants will work in hands-on exercises in the college’s training facilities to gain familiarity with basic systems, utilities, components, and processes used in basic facility maintenance.

Course Description and Outcomes

Module 2: Building Maintenance Service Excellence


Location: NSCC Akerley Campus, 21 Woodlawn Rd. Dartmouth, NS, B2W 2R7

This course provides building maintenance technicians and related workers with awareness and skills in providing valuable and respectful service in the conduct of their work in general and preventative maintenance. The course focuses on taking responsibility and pride in the work to ensure quality and to maintain a strong reputation for the property owners. It provides various best practices and general principles that will present a professional image of the property owner’s organization while ensuring safe and comfortable living conditions for residents. 

First Class: TBD

Evenings: Times and Days TBD

Course Description and Outcomes