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PCs introduce bill to give N.S. government more say over HRM development

Housing minister says changes are needed in order to speed residential construction in the capital

The Houston government is giving itself even more power to control development in the Halifax Regional Municipality, in a bill introduced Thursday on the first day of the fall sitting.

According to Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Lohr, the changes are needed in order to further speed up the construction of new homes in the capital city.

“This province is in the midst of a housing crisis like we’ve never seen before,” Lohr told reporters at a briefing on the proposed changes. “This is really in response to the fact that we see the housing landscape changing so quickly, and we need to be able to act quickly.”

The bill further amends the city’s charter, as well as brings changes to the Housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality Act, which was proclaimed just a year ago and was roundly criticized at the time by city council members as “disrespectful” and “disappointing.” ….[Continue Reading]

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