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October 19, 2023
Bill 350 – another bad housing idea by the NDP

Nova Scotia New Democrats continue to bring forward bad housing ideas that make the housing crisis worse.

The latest bad idea is Bill 350 that would make no pet policies in apartment buildings illegal. Service animals for tenants are already protected by the Nova Scotia Residential Tenancies Act.

“Believe it or not, not all tenants want to live in a building with dogs, cats or other animals. Don’t these tenants have rights to enjoy a pet-free building? Where will they live if they can’t live in a rental property with pets?” asked Kevin Russell, Executive Director of the Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS).  “Another sad reality is that some tenants don’t properly look after their pets, causing property damage and disruption for other tenants.  This is one of the stupidest ideas the NDP has come up with.”

Russell noted that NDP ideas like rent control, adopted by the previous Liberal and current PC governments, have resulted in Nova Scotia having the highest rent increases in Canada and a significant increase in homelessness.

“Rent control always results in higher rents than in markets without rent control, because builders set higher rents in new buildings to ensure they can pay for increased costs.  It’s basic economics,” added Russell.  “Rent control also causes many property owners to lose money, meaning they sell their properties and there is less rental housing supply.”

Amanda Knight, a rental housing provider who owns a number of properties in Colchester and Pictou Counties, noted that the NDP’s constant targeting of the province’s rental housing providers has created a toxic environment for those who work in the industry.

“Many women and new Canadians who work in our industry are subject to threats and abuse by bad tenants who feel they can get away with anything, because there’s no compliance and enforcement,” said Russell.  “The NDP needs to stop bashing rental housing providers and the Liberals and the PCs need to stand up for all the hard working people in the private sector who deliver affordable housing.”

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