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Owner/Manager Membership Form

Membership – Owner Manager

Thank you for your interest in becoming an IPOANS member.
If there are questions before completing contact or by calling (902) 425-3572

Information required to complete the application process:

Company Address
Company Address

Primary Contact

Accounts Payable Contact

Key Personnel Contact

Unit Reporting

As a registered member of the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations, IPOANS must report the total number of units under members’ management. In addition, the total number of units under members’ management adds weight to IPOANS’ voice when dealing with media and government. Under representative unit numbers negatively impacts government lobbying efforts and sponsorship opportunities.

Annual Membership Dues

Unit Amounts *
**15% GST will be applied to the total amount

Payment Method *
IPOANS only invoices IPOANS members. Completing registration form sends IPOANS a request to invoice. Upon receiving an invoicing request an invoice is created then emailed to the email address on file for processing and payment.

Please make cheque payable to:

211 Horseshoe Lake Drive, Unit 112
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3S 0B9

An invoice will be emailed within two business days.

Billing Info

Street Address
Building/Suite/Apartment #

In becoming an IPOANS Member I/We agree to:

  • abide by the Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS) By-Laws of and MEMBERS CODE OF CONDUCT.
  • consent to publication and or communication of primary contact name or that of the company’s authorized agent(s), the business’ address, telephone number, fax number, and email address in IPOANS Membership Directory.
  • consent to release of the same information including number of units in a membership list produced by the Association.
  • consent to receive IPOANS communication materials including bit not limited, newsletters, alert bulletins, membership updates


By submitting and providing payment information, you are agreeing to IPOANS Bylaws and Codes.