Premier Houston Issues Ministers Mandate Letters

On Thursday, Premier Houston issued mandate letters to his Cabinet Ministers.

Mandate letters outline the objectives that each minister will work to accomplish and the pressing challenges they will address in their role.

Excerpt from Minister John Lohr, Department of Municipalities and Housing mandate letter that impacts the Multi-Unit Residential industry:.

As Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, you will:

  • Within the first 90 days of your mandate, prepare a timeline for completion of all tasks below over the next four years. The initial timelines are to be updated quarterly thereafter.
  • Renegotiate the Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipalities.
  • Work with the Housing Commission to implement the recommendations of the 2021 Affordable Housing Report.
  • Develop a full inventory of lands owned and identify areas that could be used for housing. The inventory must be prepared within three months of coming into government so that the province can manage and keep track of the land it owns in a comprehensive accounting manner. This will also allow work to get underway immediately in determining best uses of those lands.
  • Consider where land is available and where there is a need for housing stock: both affordable housing and general residential purchases.
  • Within the first six months of your mandate, undertake a review of the Municipal Act, Municipal
  • Charters including their size and scope, the concept of shared services and regional service authorities, with a goal of refining the delivery and governance model for all municipalities in the province.
To View Minister Lohr’s Full Mandate Letter, Click Here
In Minister Colton Leblanc, Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services mandate letter, there is no mention of the Residential Tenancies Act or the need to modernize the Act.

To  View Minister Leblanc Full Mandate Letter, Click Here