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The first session of the 64th general assembly will resume Tuesday, March 21, at 1 p.m.

NDP Leader Claudia Chender’s comments on the upcoming spring session

“On affordability, in terms of the folks that we speak to, housing is a really dominant theme all across the province,” Chender said. “In more rural parts, it’s about the creation of affordable housing, the need for more emergency and transitional spaces but also a big fear around the rent cap coming off in December. 

“We know that even with a two per cent rent cap, rents have gone up by nearly double digits in Nova Scotia, which points to the inadequacy of that kind of protection. We also know that the rent cap has been really challenging for some small landlords who can’t keep up with the increased costs with inflation. We have rent control legislation on the books, which we will continue to promote, and we also push for an end to the fixed-term lease loophole so that people don’t continue to get evicted when the landlord wants to raise the rent.” …Source