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Ross Cantwell & Neil Lovitt

On this instalment of the IPOANS podcast we have the pleasure of hosting two distinguished guests, Ross Cantwell & Neil Lovitt, to facilitate our conversation and offer invaluable market rental insights.

Ross Cantwell brings over two decades of experience, having worked as a real estate and valuation consultant. As the President of HRM Apartments, he has spearheaded the assembly and construction of a remarkable portfolio featuring over 500 apartment units. Ross is also the Volunteer President of the Housing Trust of Nova Scotia, a significant non-profit owning 300 units of workforce housing and actively involved in $50 million worth of construction projects. With this background, Mr. Cantwell’s expertise is truly multifaceted.

Alongside Ross, we have Neil Lovitt, the Vice President of Planning & Economic Intelligence at Turner Drake & Partners, a prominent Halifax-based real estate consulting firm. Neil and his team are at the intersection of community planning, development policy, and real estate economics, with a particular focus on housing-related assignments. Neil is also the Chair of the Board for the Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia, a key player in the non-profit housing sector and coordinator of federal homelessness reduction and prevention funding.

Sit back, take notes and enjoy listening to this insightful conversation that promises to inform all those concerned about the rental housing market.

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