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Throne speech heavy on health-care talk, light on housing

Premier Tim Houston says his housing plan will soon be released

If health care was notable for how much of the speech it occupied, housing — another major issue facing Nova Scotia — was notable for its scant mention.

The situation is referred to in a single paragraph on the 10th page of the 13-page speech.

“There is a housing crisis in Nova Scotia. We have a plan to address this crisis and attracting and training more tradespeople is critical to its success,” reads the speech.

The plan referred to building more housing stock. There was no mention, however, of immediate or short-term measures that could help a situation that’s seen surging house sale prices and ballooning rents prior to the introduction of temporary rent control last November.

Houston told reporters at Province House the public shouldn’t read too much into the limited reference and said his government’s housing plan is imminent.

“We’re just making sure with stakeholders that it’s going to get the job done,” he said.

“We hear the concerns of tenants, we hear the concerns of Nova Scotians, and we’ll put together an integrated plan that we’ll be willing to share in the coming days.”

Houston said there would be shorter-term measures intended to act as a bridge until there is more housing availability, but declined to provide specifics until the complete plan can be released… [Read More]