Dartmouth tenants get eviction notices same day renoviction ban ends

When the state of emergency ended on Monday, so did the province’s ban on renovictions

On the same day Nova Scotia’s renoviction ban was lifted earlier this week, a representative from Elly Archer’s new landlord came to her door with a message.

“He said that we are going to be getting evicted,” Archer told CBC News in an interview Wednesday.

Archer lives in a house on Murray Hill Drive in Dartmouth, N.S., that has been converted into four one-bedroom flats. The same landlord owns another building next door that has also been converted into four flats.
All eight flats received the same warning, said Adele Martell, who lives in the other building.

“He didn’t have anything to present to me, he had no papers,” Martell said. “He just kind of very briefly said,

‘I’m sorry to have to do this to you, but I’m going to have to evict all of the tenants in these apartments.'”… [Read More]