The downside to the real estate boom in Nova Scotia

The inability to afford a mortgage has created a middle class of ‘in-betweens’ with nowhere to go, says renter

Christina Provost moved into her rental home in Prospect, N.S., a year ago. She decorated the house, she enrolled her kids in school nearby, and she expected to stay for years.

About a month ago, Provost’s landlord told her she was selling the house. Provost and her three kids had to find a new place to live by July 1.

“I am devastated,” Provost told CBC News. “I made this my home. Even though she owns it, it’s still my home and I’m being displaced with absolutely no options whatsoever.”

Provost is part of a growing number of renters across Nova Scotia who are being evicted because their landlords are selling their homes or small rental units. Due to the current housing crisis in the province, many have no place to go… [Read More]