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Nova Scotians largely support introducing stronger rent controls: Poll

Affordable housing is proving to be a hot button issue in Nova Scotia’s 41st general election and a new poll has found that Nova Scotians are largely in favour of stronger rent controls. 

According to the results of the latest poll from Narrative Research, about 81 per cent of Nova Scotians support the introduction of stronger rent controls when the next provincial government takes office, including 51 per cent who completely support stronger rent controls.

Another 14 per cent oppose introducing stronger rent controls, including six per cent who completely oppose this. Five per cent were undecided.

Released Thursday, the poll surveyed Nova Scotia residents aged 18 and above who belong to Narrative Research’s East Coast Voice online panel, with more than 20,000 members across Atlantic Canada. Panel members get to have their voice heard of a wide range of topical and important issues.

The data was collected from 521 Nova Scotians between July 23 and 28… [Read More]