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Houston doesn’t see scenario where rent control would continue past state of emergency

State of emergency will be lifted sometime after N.S. enters Phase 5, expected next month

Nova Scotia’s premier-designate said Monday he remains committed to removing rent control put in place by the Liberal government after the province’s state of emergency is lifted, though it’s unclear when that will be.

Speaking at a COVID-19 briefing, Tim Houston reiterated his position from the provincial election campaign, saying a Progressive Conservative government will put an end to the annual rent increase cap of two per cent.

“I don’t see a scenario with extending that, that’s not something that I’ve been focused on. I feel very sincerely that the solution to the housing crisis is more housing stock,” Houston told reporters.
“For anyone who says that rent control is a solution to the housing crisis in this province, it’s not. It’s disingenuous to say that.”… [Read More]