Property Owner Group Tells Landlords To Stop Notices of Massive Rent Increases

HALIFAX – The executive director of Nova Scotia’s property owners association is calling on landlords to stop sending out notices of massive rent increases to tenants.

Ever since Tim Houston’s PC party was elected, some tenants have reported getting notices that their rent will increase by hundreds of dollars (sometimes more). The increases, however, are contingent on if/when Nova Scotia’s temporary rent control measures are lifted.

Premier-elect Tim Houston has stated multiple times he doesn’t believe rent control works.

Kevin Russell, the executive director of the Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia, wrote an open letter addressed to landlords on August 25, saying such notices must stop. Russell, however, didn’t write the letter because he believes in rent control. He is worried such massive rent increases may persuade Tim Houston’s new government of keeping rent control in place… [Read More]