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Why Rent Control Isn’t The Answer To Rising Housing Costs In N.S

HALIFAX – Rent control has been one of the hottest issues in Halifax, and across the province, for quite a while now. Vacancy rates are low, and rental prices seem to be skyrocketing in many markets. Some tenants have gone public with massive rental increase notices, with landlords assuming the two percent cap will soon be lifted under the new PC government.

But what do studies have to say about rent control? So far it hasn’t been in favour. Earlier this year, the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission recommended against it. And now, another report, commissioned by the Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia, also recommends strongly against it.

The Gardner Pinfold report was presented to IPOANS in March of 2021 but only made available to the public back in July.

The consultants made five recommendations to combat the housing crisis in Nova Scotia:

  • Annual property tax rebates
  • Rebate on PST up to $24,000 maximum per affordable unit
  • Making free land or cash in lieu available
  • A provincial subsidy that works in higher cost HRM locations
  • Waiving development charges

Huddle examined the 45-page report and picked out some of the most interesting statistics and analyses made by Gardner Pinfold… [Read More]