N.S. landlords complain they can’t cover rising costs without rent increases

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston admits he’s worried extending rent control may push small landlords out of the market.

“I’m worried about that,” Houston said to reporters Thursday after Question Period.

In the election campaign, Houston wasn’t in favour of rent control.

On Thursday, he said the rent cap isn’t a long-term solution but a temporary measure.

“While other measures to increase housing supply have a chance to work. It was just something that we felt had to be done to protect tenants,” Houston said.

As Nova Scotia extends a two per cent cap on rent increases until the end of 2023, one landlord believes language and words matter.

“The constant concept of protecting the tenant from a landlord makes the standard landlord out to be some kind of a villain. Our job is to provide good quality housing,” said Adam Conter, General Manager of AR Webber Properties Ltd. The company has 10 to 14 buildings throughout the Halifax peninsula. Most tenants are students or young professionals.

“Our job is to take you into properties that we own, manage them well so that you’ll stay and be happy. I think there’s too much focus on some of the bad apples,” Conter said… [Read More]