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Nova Scotia government considering options for rent cap post-2023

The Progressive Conservative government isn’t ruling out some form of rent control past the planned December 2023 lifting of the current 2% cap on rents.

Minister Colton LeBlanc is responsible for Service Nova Scotia, and by extension, the Residential Tenancies Act. In a post-cabinet scrum on Thursday, he was asked about landlords using fixed-term leases to skirt the rent cap.

LeBlanc said it’s “a bit frustrating” to hear that it’s still happening. He said the government is “aggressively looking at the the the need for a compliance enforcement division.” New regulations are coming Friday to protect tenants, LeBlanc said, but they won’t fix the fixed-term lease issue.

LeBlanc was also asked about the rent cap. The former Liberal government imposed that cap during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the PC government extended it until Dec. 31, 2023. …[Read More]